3 Ways To Brew the Perfect To-Go Cup of Coffee

Having a nice cup of coffee is one of the most common morning rituals in the world. There is a reason the coffee market is so large -- around $48 billion in the U.S. alone, 55% of which is specialty coffee. The familiar beverage can help you to feel awake and alert, and if prepared well, is absolutely delicious. Cheap coffee mugs and coffee cups with lids offer an easy way to take your coffee with you, so you can drink it on the way to work, school, or wherever you need to go.

While many people simply use a machine to brew their coffee, others choose to put a bit more effort into the process. Though manual brewing methods require you to dedicate some time, they allow for a precise degree of control over the brewing process and provide a cup that is undeniably superior. Here are some of the most popular ways people make coffee at home.

  1. Pour Over Cone
    Simple, cheap, and effective, pour over cones can be found in countless kitchens throughout the nation. These cones can be plastic, metal, ceramic, or glass, and can use disposable paper filters or reusable metal ones. Plastic pour over cones tend to be cheapest, while imported ceramic cones cost quite a bit more. Pour over cones should be used with coffee that has been ground to medium or medium-fine. With this method, the user pours a small amount of water over the grounds so that they "bloom," or expand, and pauses briefly before continuing to brew. An advantage to pour over brewing is that it can be done directly over your coffee cup, removing extra steps and minimizing loss of heat.
  2. French Press
    The French press is prized for its ease of use and strong, robust results. The user fills the french press with coarsely ground coffee, adds the appropriate amount of water, and plunges the filter after three and a half to four minutes of brewing. French presses come in a number of sizes depending on your needs, so you may purchase one that brews two cups at a time for just yourself or eight cups for the entire house!
  3. Moka Pot
    The moka pot is ideal for those who like strong, espresso-style coffee. Once filled with grounds and water, the pot is placed on the stove and heated. The beans should be finely ground for this method, which is known to create a powerful cup. If you are not a fan of straight espresso, you can add water to make an americano, or milk to create a cappuccino, a latte, or whatever drink you prefer.
However you choose to make your brew, make sure to get to-go coffee cups from Hot Cup Factory so your coffee may accompany you into the world!