How to Have a Laid Back Cafe with Five Star Service

If it seems like there's a Starbucks on every corner, it's because there is. A recent survey found that there are over 31,000 coffee shops in the United States, with a large percentage of them being owned by Starbucks. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't be encouraged to find your niche and bring your new flavors and ideas to the table. The world doesn't need another Starbucks, but it does need another one-of-a-kind cafe. If you're just getting started with your first venture, there's always a steep learning curve. As you sign your first lease and hire your first staff, remember to budget and plan for these things.

Organize the Wait Station

Every cafe is a little different, so the way you organize the wait station will vary, depending on whether you have a full kitchen and will be serving food, or whether you're planning a coffee shop (see below). If you are planning to have servers bring out dishes, even if these are just-warmed pastries and lattes, you'll want to have a well-organized area with plates, napkins, mugs, cleaning supplies, takeout boxes, stir sticks, etc. Your staff should also be required to restock and keep the area clean as part of their shift. An organized wait area can ensure that your staff is prepared for whatever the customers may need and keeps business going at a quick pace.

Coffee is King

IF you're planning to run a small coffee shop, your "wait area" is likely to be the bar where customers help themselves to items such as coffee cups. Nearly two in three coffee drinkers take cream or sugar, so your staff should always be prepared to restock stir sticks, sugar, creamer, lids, and other coffee accessories when business is slow. Even if you use plain white paper cups, having the area be clean, organized, and attractively laid out makes all the difference.


In addition to a deep reach-in refrigerator for those large-scale operations, you should always have an under-counter refrigerator and ice machine to access items that are used frequently. Having a small refrigeration system behind the coffee bar or by your staff's wait station allows them to easily give a customer extra ice or to substitute almond milk for regular creamer if need be. You can also store items that require constant cooling but can be prepped in advance, such as desserts or salads.

When in doubt, rent a space that was previously a coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant, as it will have the layout you're looking for. You can also take the time to build a relationship with a coffee cup and stir sticks supplier to keep the service consistent all year long. Welcome to your first day of work, future entrepreneur.</br


The question is fairly easy to answer. Make sure you have a variety of different favors, and having vegan and gluten-free choices. This allows stores to accommodate to the needs of their customers.

creating an inviting atmosphere that is comfortable, clean, and well-lit setting can help increase of retaining your customers.

It starts with innovation so why did you start the business in the first place with you are you trying to be. Some other factors are customer service and being profitable.

Having a website is another way to keep your customers engaged with your shop. By having a website you can keep your customers in the loop of valuable information like, opening hours, menu offering and other promotions that are going on.