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    2 products

    Why Use Kraft Paper?

    Kraft paper is quickly becoming a major player in the coffee and restaurant industry. Kraft coffee cups, to-go containers, straws, and much more. There are so many uses for Kraft material and there are many uses for it. It’s better than traditional paper and paperboard because it’s stronger and more eco-friendly. 

    It’s Eco-Friendly

    Kraft paper is a more eco-friendly option because it can biodegrade within weeks. It’s both recyclable and compostable. Your customers don’t have to worry about our Kraft products rotting in a landfill and polluting the earth. Using Kraft paper is better for the environment than traditional bleached paper.

    It’s More Durable

    The process to make Kraft paper is different than traditional paper. Kraft paper is made with more organic material and it’s less processed. That means it’s stronger than traditional paper and paperboard. It’s the best option for to-go and take-out supplies. Kraft coffee cups will work great in your coffee shop.