White Compostable Sugarcane Coffee Cup Lids - 10/12/16/20 oz

White Compostable Sugarcane Coffee Cup Lids - 10/12/16/20 oz


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*We cannot guarantee that these lids will fit all cup styles. To ensure a perfect fit please use these eco-friendly cups.


Introducing our EcoChoice 10-20 oz. White Compostable Sugarcane Hot Cup Lid! The perfect eco-friendly to-go cup lid.

Leak-Proof Construction

Specifically designed for a tight fit, these lids are the perfect choice for your restaurant. They won’t leak or easily pop off. They’re built to withstand usage well.


Because they’re made from bagasse, or sugarcane byproduct, these lids are fully biodegradable and compostable. Your customers can take heart that these lids won’t be in the landfill for hundreds of years!

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Top Diameter: 2 5/8"

Bottom Diameter: 3 3/4"

Height: 3/4"