Torani 1 oz. Pelican Sauce Pump

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Introducing our Torani 1 oz Pelican Sauce Pump! The perfect solution for mess-free dispensing.

Convenient Dispensing

With this convenient sauce pump, you can avoid the mess of hand-pouring your syrups and sauces. The shiny gold top catches your eye, adding an extra layer of luxury to your array of syrups and sauces. Our 1 oz sauce pump is made specifically for 64 oz containers, like our dark chocolate sauce. The wide-mouth design is perfect for bigger bottles of sauce and condiments. This pump will be a great addition to your restaurant or coffee shop.

Standardize Your Drinks

Every pump from this top is guaranteed to be 1 oz. With this pump, you can make sure all your drinks have the right amount of flavoring and sauce. Your employees won’t have to guess on measurements because this pump does the work for them! This pump is the best choice for all your drinks.

Made with a 5 1/2" dip tube. Hand wash only.

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SKU: DS-WS-712P1522