UNIQ® 9" Mixed Pointed Wrapped Boba Straws

UNIQ® 9" Mixed Pointed Wrapped Boba Straws


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Introducing our 9" Mixed Pointed Wrapped Boba Straws! Bring some whimsy to your shop.

Angled/Pointed Tip

These straws are made for boba! Their angled tip is engineered specifically for penetrating sealed cups and sipping boba pearls. Your customers are sure to love how easily they can have their drink and boba all at once.

Durable Plastic

These straws are made with durable colorful plastic, perfect for any drink. Manufactured to withstand rough use, our boba straws are perfect for your shop. Get yours today!

Each case comes with 1800 straws in 6 assorted colors, individually wrapped in clear film.


Diameter: 1/2"

Length: 9"