25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

Torani flavoring syrups are the perfect way to add flavor to your favorite drinks and treats. You can use them almost anywhere! Here's a list of 25 things you can make with Torani Syrups.

1. Opposites Attract

This is a fun and sweet drink, perfect for the summer. What you'll need for this drink is orange soda, ice, blue curacao flavoring, and cream. Add an ounce of cream and three pumps of flavoring to a 16 oz cup of ice and orange soda. 

2. Huckleberry Frappe

Purple Shake, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

This drink is an Idaho specialty. What you'll need is vanilla frappe mix, milk, ice, and huckleberry flavoring. Make it as you'd make a regular vanilla frappe, just add four pumps of huckleberry flavoring. It'll be a pretty purple addition to your coffee shop!

3. Bourbon Caramel Latte

Try out this drink for a sweet and rich morning jolt. It's made with espresso, milk, and bourbon caramel flavoring. Steam a cup (8 ounces) of milk with two pumps of flavoring. Pour in your two shots of espresso (2 ounces) and top with a thin layer of foamed milk.

4. Lemon Bar Frappe

Milkshakes, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

You don't have to sell baked goods for your customers to feel like they're in a bakery, try this lemon bar frappe! You'll need vanilla frappe mix, milk, ice, lemon flavoring, and shortbread flavoring. Blend together your ice, frappe mix, and milk with three pumps of lemon flavoring and two pumps of shortbread flavoring.

5. Monkey Coffee

This simple drink is an ode to the tropics. All you need is coffee and creme de banana flavoring. Simply brew your coffee how you like it and add three pumps of creme de banana flavoring.

6. Wedding Cake Steamer

Kraft Cup, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

Who doesn't love classic wedding cake? You can have that great flavor right in your shop! All you need is milk, vanilla bean flavoring, and almond flavoring. To make this steamer, just steam together your desired amount of milk with two pumps of vanilla flavoring and two pumps of almond flavoring.

7. Butterbeer Steamer

Who needs to go to Harry Potter World when you can make the butterbeer yourself? You'll need milk, butter rum flavoring, and English toffee flavoring. Steam together your desired amount of milk with three pumps of butter rum flavoring and two pumps of English toffee flavoring.

8. Peach Pie Frappe

Peach, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

Peach pie is a classic dessert, and now a great milkshake flavor! Make it with vanilla frappe mix, milk, peach flavoring, cinnamon flavoring, and shortbread flavoring. Just add three pumps of peach flavoring, half a pump of cinnamon flavoring, and two pumps of shortbread flavoring to your regular vanilla milkshake.

9. Cherry Amaretto Iced Latte

Iced Coffee, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

A common and classic alcoholic beverage turned coffee drink! You'll need espresso, milk, ice, cherry flavoring, and amaretto flavoring. Mix your milk with two pumps of cherry flavoring and one pump of amaretto flavoring. Pour this over your ice, then add two shots of espresso.

10. Black and White Hot Chocolate

This drink is a fun mix of the whole spectrum of chocolate. You'll need milk, dark chocolate syrup, and white chocolate syrup. Simply warm your milk and mix in half an ounce of each chocolate syrup.

11. Canadian Coffee

Coffee with Milk, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

The great white north has some great exports like maple syrup! For this drink, you'll need coffee, milk, and maple flavoring. Mix your desired amount of milk with two pumps of maple flavoring and add it to your coffee.

12. Strawberry Root Beer

A sweet treat fit for any shop! To make this, you'll need root beer, ice, strawberry flavoring, vanilla flavoring, and cream. Add three pumps of strawberry flavoring, one pump of vanilla flavoring, and an ounce of cream to your ice and root beer.

13. Tropical Protein Shake

Shake, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

You can easily refuel after a workout with this fun and fruity protein shake! You'll need milk, ice, vanilla protein powder, passion fruit flavoring, and coconut flavoring. Just blend together a cup of milk, two pumps of passionfruit flavoring, two pumps of coconut flavoring, one scoop of protein powder, and your desired amount of ice.

14. White Grape Iced Tea

This is a more subtle iced tea than most. You'll need tea, ice, and grape juice. Brew your tea as normal, pour it over ice, add two pumps of flavoring, and mix it together.

15. Pistachio Orange Cold Brew

Cold Brew, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

Cold brew coffee is like traditional coffee's more exciting younger sibling. To make this fun drink, you'll need cold brew coffee, ice, pistachio flavoring, orange flavoring, and cream. Pour your cold brew over ice and add your flavorings: three pumps of pistachio flavoring and two pumps of orange flavoring. Finally, add an ounce of cream.

16. Sesame Banana Frappe

A sophisticated flavor for your more classy customers. This drink is made with cold brew coffee, vanilla frappe mix, ice, milk, cane sugar, and creme de banana flavoring. Add one pump of toasted sesame flavoring and three pumps of creme de banana flavoring to your classic vanilla frappe.

17. Cinnamon Roll Mocha

Mocha, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

There's nothing better than a warm and gooey cinnamon roll. You can make that into a drink! All you need is espresso, milk, brown sugar cinnamon flavoring, cheesecake flavoring, whipped cream, and dark chocolate syrup. Steam your milk with two pumps of brown sugar flavoring and cheesecake flavoring. Pour that into your two shots of espresso. Top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

18. Lavender Mint Tonic

Lavender, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

You can bring the benefits of tonic water to your customers with this delicious and subtle drink. You'll need tonic water, ice, lavender flavoring, creme de menthe flavoring, and a fresh mint leaf. Add two pumps of lavender flavoring and half a pump of creme de menthe flavoring to your ice and tonic water. Garnish with your mint leaf.

19. Kiwi Lemonade

This fun green drink is the perfect addition to your shop! You'll need lemonade, ice, and kiwi flavoring. Simply add four pumps of kiwi flavoring to your lemonade and ice.

20. Almond Brewed Coffee

Coffee, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

This coffee is a subtly sweet take on traditional coffee. All you'll need is strongly brewed coffee and almond flavoring. To make it, add two pumps of almond flavoring to a cup of strongly brewed coffee.

21. Neapolitan Steamer

Everyone loves Neapolitan ice cream! Why not turn that into a warm drink? You'll need milk, chocolate syrup, vanilla flavoring, and strawberry flavoring. Simply add two pumps of each flavoring into your warm milk.

22. Apple Pie Milkshake

A classic baked good turned into a delightful milkshake! To make this, you'll need vanilla ice cream, apple flavoring, cinnamon flavoring, and shortbread flavoring. Simply blend your milkshake as normal, but add three pumps of apple flavoring, half a pump of cinnamon flavoring, and two pumps of shortbread flavoring.

23. Mango Lemonade Slush

Mango Lemonade, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

A frosty treat for a hot summer day! Make this with lemonade, ice, and mango flavoring. Simply blend together your lemonade, ice, and three pumps of mango flavoring.

24. Candy-Apple Cider

Apple cider is the perfect autumn drink. Elevate it with some extra sweetness! All you'll need is apple cider and butterscotch flavoring. Simply warm your apple cider and add three pumps of flavoring.

25. Mint Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, 25 Things You Can Make with Torani Syrups

Classic hot chocolate is a major crowd-pleaser. This is bound to be too! You'll need milk, chocolate syrup, and creme de menthe flavoring. Make your hot chocolate as normal. but add two pumps of mint chocolate chip flavoring.

Torani syrups are the perfect way to enhance your ice cream shop. They add flavor without compromising texture. They're a great addition to your shop!

What's your favorite Torani syrup recipe? Tell us in the comments, we love hearing from you!


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