Disposable To Go Containers

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      10 products

      Disposable Soup Cups are the Perfect To Go Soup Solution!

      When your customer needs a container to take their dish home, look no further than our hot soup containers here at Hot Cup Factory! With vented lids, these soup to-go containers are the perfect solution for all your hot take-out needs. Your customers don’t need to worry about too much condensation or any spilling. Our lids fit the containers perfectly to prevent spilling. These soup cups with lids are perfect for your restaurant.


      While these disposable to go containers are made specifically for soup, they work for almost anything! Try using our disposable soup containers for broth, bulk coffee, pasta, or even salad. Our to go soup containers are a versatile and durable solution.


      Most paper soup cups aren’t made to last. Ours are! Our to go soup containers are made for hot food. They’re strong and durable so your customers can have peace of mind taking your food home. Our disposable soup cups are made to last with your food. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!