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    The Pup Cup: Every Dog's Favorite Treat

    Especially if you're in a big city, dogs are everywhere. Some places even allow their customers' furry friends in their coffee shops! Even if pets aren't allowed in your coffee shop, you can still serve them in your drive-thru or outdoor dining area. Pup cups are the perfect way to do something nice for your customers with pets! View Post
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    7 Must-Have Items for Your Coffee Shop

    Before opening your coffee shop, there are a lot of things you'll need that you might forget. Much like making a packing list before a big trip, you may want to make a shopping list for your coffee shop so you don't mistakenly forget something you need. Here are a few things we thought of. View Post
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    The Pros and Cons of Offering Happy Hour in Your Coffee Shop

    Happy hour is a time-honored tradition of many restaurants and bars. It's a great way to bring in business during slow times of the day. Should you offer it in your coffee shop? Here are some of the pros and cons. View Post
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    Simplify the Morning Rush with Coffee Order Forms

    Every coffee shop knows how bad a morning coffee rush can be. You try to take orders quickly while still attending to each customer and there's still a long wait. We've found a great way to simplify this: coffee order forms! View Post
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    7 Boba Drinks You Need in Your Coffee Shop

    Boba or bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink traditionally made from milk tea and tapioca pearls. In the last few years, it's gone from a niche drink at specific restaurants to a common menu item in many coffee shops. If you've been wondering how to add boba to your menu, this is the article for you! We've compiled a list of boba drinks you need in your coffee shop.

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    5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Employees in Your Coffee Shop

    Hiring employees in your coffee shop may seem like a daunting task. Finding the right people to trust with your shop is vital. We compiled a list of great questions to ask when hiring employees in your coffee shop. View Post