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7 Coffee Flavors That Are Far From Conventional

Americans love coffee. They always have and they always will. From plain black coffee to the most obscure flavor mix coffees in the world, people, not just Americans, LOVE their daily cup of coffee.

Specialty coffees actually represent 37% of U.S. coffee cups and are considered the highest quality in the world. Despite the fact that specialty mix coffees are extremely popular, some of those flavors don't do nearly as well as others, and some flavors might be downright disgusting to other people. But they are around nonetheless. Here are some flavors of coffee that seem a bit strange to the traditional coffee drinker:

    • Banana Coffee -- Banana mix coffee might seem like a good idea at the drawing board, but not when you're drinking it. Tropical drinks are wonderful... but why mess up a good thing by adding in scalding hot coffee? This flavor was a miss. 
    • Pepsi Coffee -- Coffee-flavored Pepsi? That seems like an anomaly. This "beverage" was sold in Central America, South America, and Mexico, and didn't do too bad, but it seems like the creators were just trying to find something out of nothing here. Grab a soda or grab a coffee, but it's probably best to keep them separate. 
    • Sweet Potato Coffee -- No. Just no. 
    • Eggnog Coffee -- People were skeptical at first, but they actually seemed to enjoy it (like eggnog). It might not be for everybody... but having some eggnog coffee during the holiday mornings can feel quite calming. 
    • Coconut Coffee -- For some reason, coconut coffee seems like a far better option than banana coffee. The drinker must prefer the coconut flavor, though, because otherwise this could be one of the worst tasting combinations in history. 
    • The Slurpuccino -- This drink is the rare combination of the famous 7/11 Slurpee and iced coffee. This is a frozen coffee drink but much, much larger. Drinking one of these is more of an experience than any other kind of coffee. People have been known to brag about finishing one, but never to compliment its taste. 
    • Bacon Coffee -- Maybe? 

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