7 Must-Have Items for Your Coffee Shop

Before opening your coffee shop, there are a lot of things you'll need that you might forget. Much like making a packing list before a big trip, you may want to make a shopping list for your coffee shop so you don't mistakenly forget something you need. Here are a few things we thought of:

1. Gloves

Gloves, 7 Must-Have Items for Your Coffee Shop

Gloves are majorly important in the foodservice industry. They protect your customers and your employees. A lot of states also require gloves when handling food. Don't forget to put gloves on your list!

2. Coffee Cup Sleeves

Sleeves, 7 Must-Have Items for Your Coffee Shop

If you use single-wall coffee cups for hot drinks, your customers will really appreciate cup sleeves. They're a great way to protect your customers' hands from being burned! This way, you don't have to worry about coffee that's too hot.

3. Drink Carriers

Drink Carrier, 7 Must-Have Items for Your Coffee Shop

Most coffee shops offer take-out options for their drinks. Customers love being able to take your drinks on the go. Drink carriers are a great way to help your customers hold a few drinks at a time without spilling.

4. Drink Plugs

Stirrer and Plug, 7 Must-Have Items for Your Coffee Shop

Another great asset for customers on the go is a drink plug! They don't have to worry about their drinks spilling or getting cold too quickly. Drink plugs are the perfect solution for customers on the go.

5. Pastry Bags

Pastry Bag, 7 Must-Have Items for Your Coffee Shop

If you sell baked goods in your coffee shop, pastry bags are a necessity. They make it easy for you to serve pastries without worrying about the mess. Any crumbs are contained in the bag!

6. Napkins and Napkin Holders

Napkins, 7 Must-Have Items for Your Coffee Shop

You don't think about napkins until you absolutely need them. With drinks, when something spills, it can get bad very quickly! You always need to be stocked up on good-quality napkins and easy-to-use dispensers.

7. Syrup Pumps

Syrups, 7 Must-Have Items for Your Coffee Shop

One quintessential part of any coffee shop is its collection of flavoring syrups. You can add them to nearly any drink to elevate it! To make sure your shop is clean and sanitary, you'll need to stock your shelves with syrup pumps to go with your flavoring syrups.

Opening a business can be incredibly stressful and incredibly rewarding. We want you to be fully prepared when you open your coffee shop.

What else might someone forget when opening a coffee shop? Tell us in the comments, we love hearing from you!