Clever Alternatives to Plastic Stir Sticks

For those who are keen on environment conservation matters, plastic stir sticks raise concerns. After all, these products are not recyclable and they often make their way into local water systems where they cause damage to local wildlife.

As a result, there has been a huge push for alternatives. Luckily, this push has been successful and we are currently seeing great attempts in resolving such issues in the majority of the outlets that have been using the plastic stir sticks.

Here have been some suitable alternatives that countless businesses are using in their coffee shops and restaurants.

Bamboo stir sticks

Bamboo has become a great alternative for a number of industries. The best thing with the use of bamboo is that it is biodegradable and the plant grows very fast. This actually makes it better than trees, which in some cases can take decades to reach maturity. With some varieties of bamboo, the growth period is as little as two months making it the ideal source of these valuable stir sticks while being reliable and environmentally conscious at the same time.

Look for possible alternatives

There have been some innovations that have been making it possible to bypass the use of a stir stick entirely. They include the use of electronic devices that rotate the cup and as a result, having the contents of the cup is properly mixed. Many environmentalists prefer this option and it is already catching up although there are people who still prefer using the stir stick. This might be too pricey for the average mom-and-pop coffee shop, but you can include a discount for guests who bring in these amazing cups.

Other than the use of electronic devices, there have been other alternatives that have been experimented for stirring purposes. For instance, some companies have made the switch to cornstarch products. These spoons and stir sticks can handle incredibly hot and increasingly chilly temperatures before degrading or breaking. This is a great option for those who want an easily disposable, compostable product.

Choose wooden stir sticks

Wooden stir sticks are a great alternative to plastic stir sticks. After all, these products can be made from recycled wood particles and are inherently biodegradable. When you want to provide the best options for your patrons, try out wooden stir sticks for coffee, tea, and more.

When it comes to consuming hot foods and beverages, Americans are in the lead. In fact, it's estimated that Americans consume an excess of 10 billion bowls of soup annually. When you want to cool down your hot beverages, rely on the wooden stir sticks provided by the Hot Cup Factory today.