Comfort Food To Go: Home Style Food Truck Ideas

From festivals to weddings, the food truck trend is taking over the food industry one pop-up appearance at a time. Their portable nature means that they can cruise around any city and set up shop in surprise locations. If you are a chef considering getting behind the wheel of one of these movable kitchens, you need to specify your cuisine. Comfort food is becoming increasingly popular for truck owners. These are just a few of the cuisines filling disposable plates and soup containers around the country.

Mac And Cheese: Hot and savory, nothing tastes like home more than a yummy plate of mac and cheese. If you go with this cuisine, try a gourmet route and experiment with toppings and recipes.

Soup: Warm your customers' bellies with a hot soup truck, changing up your menu regularly. You can get creative with this cuisine, filling up soup containers with traditional and inventive recipes.

Cultural Staples: If you are passionate about your culture's cuisine, spread the love to foodies everywhere. By creating a truck specific to your family's traditional meals, you are introducing customers to your culture and all of the delicious flavors that come with it.

Warm Beverages: Independent coffee shops make $12 billion in sales annually. Why not take these earnings on the road? On the go customers will be thrilled to purchase coffee, tea, espresso drinks, hot chocolate, and other warm drinks from your truck. This unique approach will also make you stand out among other trucks in your city. Remember to include branded paper cups to advertise.

Grilled Cheese: A diner and grill classic, grilled cheese is now breaking into the gourmet scene. As chefs and restaurants come up with their own inventive twists on this lunchtime staple, customers are seeking the most original flavors. Food trucks are ideal spaces for assembling these sandwiches.

Before launching your food truck business, remember to look into your city's specific regulations on mobile vending. As long as you are in line with these rules, you will be free to create and sell as you please. By coming up with a creative idea, you will build a following for your truck, selling your comfort food for years to come.


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Having a website is another way to keep your customers engaged with your shop. By having a website you can keep your customers in the loop of valuable information like, opening hours, menu offering and other promotions that are going on.