Ditch the Sugar and Artificial Products: 4 Tips For a Healthier Cup of Coffee

Americans love coffee -- but is this tasty breakfast drink actually healthy?

Though 35% of coffee drinks prefer black coffee, 65% add sugar and cream to their drinks. Some people add way too much sugar, making an otherwise healthy kickstart to their morning a lot less healthy.

Approximately 70% of U.S. population are overweight and 30% are obese -- and coffee packed with sugars are certainly not helping. Thankfully, there are some ways to tweak your morning coffee habit and start your day with a nice cup of Joe that actually is good for you. Here are some tips to make your coffee healthier:

  • No more artificial sweeteners or refined sugars -- This tip might seem like an obvious one, but far too many people tip the cup of sugar or use too much refined sweetener in their coffee. If you ever hear someone say, "How about a little coffee with your sugar," you're probably using too much. Since the World Health Organization recommends that adults only consume 25 grams (or less) of sugar each day, you need to be careful with how much sugar you're adding to your coffee.

  • Put down the coffee after mid-afternoon -- Since caffeine is a stimulant, it gives you that much-needed boost of energy that helps you stay awake throughout the day. Drinking coffee after 2 p.m., however, can interfere with your sleep and cause all kinds of health issues.

  • Cut back on artificial creamers -- Artificial creamers are just as bad as artificial sweeteners since they are packed with plenty of unhealthy ingredients. In fact, a large majority of artificial creamers are made with hydrogenated oils, which are trans fats, and corn syrup solids -- not good. Even real cream, though not perfect, is better than artificial creamer, since organic creams contain conjugated linoleum acid, which offers plenty of health benefits. So ditch the artificial products and use stir up your coffee with organic creams with
Make sure you're only using healthy products and are mixing with coffee stirrers if you're trying to turn your morning coffee into a healthier drink. If you're running your own coffee shop and want to purchase some quality coffee stirrers, coffee cups, and other coffee accessories, give Hot Cup Factory a call right away.


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