Everything You Need To Run A Successful Pop-Up Coffee Shop

Over the last decade, small coffee shops have been on the rise. Specializing in the craft and care for the product they're brewing, these places boast an artisanal roast along with the accompanying atmosphere such establishments have come to cultivate.

It isn't to say these spots are anti-Starbucks so much as pro-corporation-independent. What lots of smaller coffee shops do is bring their establishment on the road and have pop-up coffee shops that can travel from place to place. It's a great way to spread awareness of their process, brand, and brew. But, running a pop-up isn't as easy as those who aren't industry-savvy might think.

We know some tips that'll help your pop-up coffee shop run as smoothly as your coffee tastes.

Less Is Always More

You shouldn't attempt to bring your entire brick-and-mortar shop with you. You shouldn't even attempt to bring your entire menu with you. It's a pop-up, bring your brightest stars and classic go-to beverages. Most independent coffee shops sell 31% espresso beverages, with the remainder being brewed coffee. Take a look at what your favored specialties are and lead your pop-up cafe with your strongest products at the forefront.


We probably don't have to tell you this, but people could've stopped for a cup of coffee at 10 different places before they got to your pop-up. But, they're here because they're curious. Your branding and merchandise have to speak to people who are curious. Not everyone is going to want a t-shirt or another coffee mug, but if they see an unfamiliar logo, natural curiosity takes control. Once merchandise draws wondering wanderers, entice them with a delicious beverage.

Branding Your Beans

Your brand is more than your brew. Producing excellent beverages is obviously important, but -- hate to say it -- there's great coffee everywhere. Why should someone want yours over any other? You have to convince them. After all, the goal of a pop-up shop is about outreach, so plain white paper cups aren't going to cut it. Aside from your literal pop-up stand and merchandise, branded paper coffee cups are traveling advertisements. Don't skimp on making them draw attention and curiosity.

A coffee shop pop-up is a great resource being used more and more by the day. Follow this advice and you'll be on the right track to use the pop-up to your advantage. Brewtiful, isn't it?