Forget About Fall: Here Are 4 Ways to Increase Soup Sales During Warm Seasons

Along with its high nutritional value, soup is very nourishing for the soul, especially during the chilly months. This is why over 10 billion bowls of soup are consumed by Americans each year.

However, one of the biggest misconceptions about soup is that it is only eaten during cold seasons. Now that fall is officially here, you can't forget about the warmer months to come. In a recent customer survey, 60% of respondents indicated that it is good to eat soup all year-round.

Though the sales generated from hot soup gradually reduce during summer, it is not necessarily due to a lack of demand. Here are some creative ways you can boost sales during those periods.

Mix It Up

One of the most significant factors holding soup sales back is the lack of flavor varieties. Just as coffee and pizzas come in different flavors, so should soup.

Luckily, there are a slew of soup options to choose from. To keep customers intrigued and coming back for more, have several specials that you can alternate throughout the week. During winter, soup is more of a comfort meal. During the summer, don't be afraid to invest in cold soup options or spicy flavors. This strategy is especially effective with millennials as they prefer soup with spicy flavors.

This is the time to get creative in the kitchen to come up with new flavors. Adjust your recipes according to the seasons so that the ingredients used are fresh. This will give your soup a rich aroma and flavor. For instance, butternut and pumpkin soups will be ideal at this time of year since they are fresh from the farm.

Use Soup to Kick-Start Lunch Sales

Statistics indicate that people are more likely to eat soup during lunch than at dinner time. As such, ensuring soups are the primary offerings on your lunch menu can boost sales during the midday rush.

Coming up with a marketing strategy for your lunchtime sales can also help you sell soups. First, have your servers upsell soup to every customer that walks through the door. Investing in midday specials can encourage higher sales. You can also rely on social media posts to advertise your soup specials online. Before you initiate your online campaign, be sure your hot soup container reserve is suitable for in-store diners and deliveries.

Offer Soup Combinations

Rather than offering soup as a standalone meal, find other items on your menu that make suitable pairs. Consider the flavors that go well with breadsticks or salads to make solid pairings. Equally important, any staff member that deals with customers directly should be familiar with the taste of each soup on your menu. This will enable them to make recommendations or pairing suggestions to customers.

Serve Soup in Disposable Hot Soup Containers

Most people prefer to eat soup during lunchtime. As such, they might not have enough time to finish their meal before they head back to work.

A hot soup container will make it more convenient for your diners to cart their leftovers back to work. Additionally, such containers are considered to be more sanitary than reusable plates. Since a disposable soup container is only used once, the chances of contamination are lower.

Using such containers will also have additional benefits for your establishment. They include

  • Water and energy cost savings
  • They make deliveries more manageable
  • Soup is kept hot for longer


The demand for soup is projected to increase with the demand for healthier food products. This presents an excellent opportunity for eating establishments to carve their niche in this burgeoning market. To capitalize on the soup market, establishment owners must be creative with their recipes, especially during the summer, and serve them in a hot soup container. This will make it more convenient for takeaways and deliveries.

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