How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for the Holiday Season

The holidays are an extraordinary time for coffee shops. Who doesn't want a warm and cozy drink in a cute shop on a cold day? Here are a few ideas for how you can decorate your coffee shop for the holidays!

Ideas for Coffee Shop Decorations

Employee Stockings

Stockings, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for the Holidays

Christmas stockings are a fun holiday tradition. You can bring this merriment to your shop by labeling a stocking for each of your employees. Make sure to hang them somewhere your customers can reach. This way, they can tip specific employees if they want to.

Wreaths, Trees, and Garlands

Wreath, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for the Holidays

Another fun coffee shop decoration idea is to bring some nature to the table. Pine tree branches are quintessential to the holiday season. Your local craft store is sure to have aisles and aisles of garlands, artificial pine trees, and wreaths. They're a great way to bring in the cozy vibes of the holiday season.

Window Clings and Writing

Window, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for the Holidays

They say windows are the eyes of the house. Why not decorate them too? Try things like drawing with window markers and hanging window clings. They'll draw in customers from the windows.

Figurines and Trinkets

Figurine, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for the Holidays

Decorating your shelves is another coffee shop decoration idea to bring in some holiday cheer. You can get simple and cute trinkets and figurines for your coffee shop. Try mini Christmas trees or ceramic snowmen. It'll give your customers the feeling of home.

Twinkle Lights

Lights, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for the Holidays

Winter has the darkest nights and the coldest days. Bring some brightness to your coffee shop this holiday season with twinkle lights! Warm white and simple colors are a great way to warm up your shop.

Naughty and Nice Tip Jars

Naughty and nice are common titles in the holiday season. Give your customers a cute new reason to leave tips. Label one tip jar with "Naughty" and one with "Nice."

How have you decorated your coffee shop for the holidays? Take a picture and tag us on Instagram, we love hearing from you!

Denise, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for the Holidays


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