How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you know what that means - it's time to start decorating! Here are some ideas for decorating your coffee shop for Valentine's Day.

1. Straw Wreath

The best decorations are made from things you already have! You can make a pretty heart-shaped wreath out of some supplies you have in your coffee shop. 

Straw Wreath, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for Valentine's Day

Via Woman's Day

You need 200 pink paper straws, hot glue, heart shaped wreath form, 1 in or larger white ribbon, and a wreath hook.

Start by wrapping your wreath form with your ribbon and secure with hot glue. Then, glue your first layer of paper straws to your wreath form. Make sure to keep them flat. Cut a few straws to 3/4 of their original length. This will be your second layer of straws. Glue them in any open places on your wreath. This will give more texture and interest to your wreath. Use your wreath hook to hang your wreath where you want it.

2. Cup Lights

Cup Lights, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for Valentine's Day

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Twinkle lights are always a fun decoration for coffee shops. You can give them a romantic twist with paper coffee cups. All you need to do is cut an "x" shape in the bottom of your paper coffee cups with a craft knife. From there, you can poke your twinkle light through the hole in your paper coffee cup. You can now hang your lights as normal with their new covers!

3. Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason jars are the perfect decor addition to bring a little rustic cuteness to your coffee shop. For Valentine's Day, try this fun craft!

Glitter Jars, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for Valentine's Day

Via Mason Jar Crafts Love

Place a heart-shaped sticker on the outside of your mason jar. Use a foam paint brush to spread craft glue all over the outside of your jar. While the glue is still tacky, cover it in glitter. Before this dries, remove your heart sticker. Once your heart has been removed and your glue has dried, cover your jar in spray sealant. Place an electric tea light inside and enjoy!

4. Candy Heart Garland

Heart Garland, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for Valentine's Day

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Candy hearts are a Valentine's staple. To make them into a garland for your coffee shop, simply cut large hearts out of pastel construction paper. Write cute sayings on them like "Call Me" or "Cutie Pie". Once you've done that, punch one hole on each side of each heart. String them together with thin ribbon or twine. Hang them up in your shop for a cute Valentine's decoration.

Valentine's Day is a great time to have fun decorating your coffee shop. Whether you go with DIY decor or buy it from a craft store, your customers are sure to love the romantic spirit of your coffee shop.

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Denise, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop for Valentine's Day


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