How to Make a Rainbow Frappe

What is a Frappe?

Ah, the delightful Frappé! A refreshing iced coffee drink that dances on the palate, often leaving us wondering: "What exactly is a Frappé?" At its core, a Frappé is a blended beverage made primarily of coffee, ice, and sometimes milk, topped with a delicious layer of froth. Now, you might be asking, "What color is a Frappé?" Traditionally, its hues range from deep coffee browns to creamy beiges. But in the vibrant world of modern coffee culture, the Frappé is donning a new, colorful cloak. Imagine a rainbow Frappé, bursting with vibrant shades, each sip taking you on a colorful journey! Dive in with us as we explore the whimsical and flavorful world of Frappés.

It's springtime! That means it's time for fun and bright drinks perfect for nice weather. Kids and adults alike love bright drinks! Here's how you can make a rainbow frappe in your coffee shop.

What You'll Need:

  • Liquid gel food coloring kit
  • 1/2 cup vanilla frappe mix
  • 1 cup milk of your choice
  • 1 cup ice
  • Whipped cream
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Long handle spoon
  • 16 oz clear plastic cup
  • Dome lid
  • Bright straw

How to Make it:

Rainbow Frappe, How to Make a Rainbow Frappe

1. Color it

If you are wondering what color is a rainbow frappe and how to color it? This is where your liquid gel food coloring comes in! If you can't get liquid gel food coloring, you can use regular liquid food coloring, but it's much harder to manipulate. The same thing goes for gel food coloring.

You'll need yellow, blue, pink, and green food coloring. Inside your clear plastic cup, place a dot of pink food coloring about an inch from the bottom on the side of the cup. Do the same thing on the opposite side of the cup. Repeat this with the blue food coloring in between the pink dots on each side.

With your yellow and green food coloring, add yellow and green dots in the same places as the pink and blue but an inch from the lip of the cup.

2. Spread Your Color

Kids with Milkshakes, How to Make a Rainbow Frappe

Take your long-handled spoon and spread each color with the back of the spoon. Don't mix your colors together; just move each color so they're almost touching.

3. Make the Drink

Vanilla Frappe, How to Make a Rainbow Frappe

Blend together your frappe mix, milk, and ice. Pour it into your pre-decorated cup. .

4. Perfect the Colors

Once you've poured in your drink, your colors are bound to move slightly. Use your spoon to move the colors around your clear plastic cup. This is when you can really make it the design you want.

5. Top it

Once you've perfected your clear plastic cup, top it with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles!

This drink is perfect for kids and adults alike! It's bright, colorful, and delicious.

Have you made this rainbow frappe? Take a picture and tag us on Instagram, we love hearing from you!


A Frappé and a Frappuccino may sound similar, and both offer a refreshing, iced experience, but they hail from different origins and have distinct characteristics. The Frappé, rooted in Greek culture, is a frothy blend of coffee, water, and sugar, often topped with a delightful layer of foam. Its color typically mirrors the rich browns and creamy tans of coffee. On the other hand, the Frappuccino is a trademarked drink from Starbucks, a fusion of coffee or crème base with ice and various flavors, often topped with whipped cream. Its color can vary widely based on the flavorings and ingredients added, from classic coffee shades to vibrant hues. So, when you ponder, "what color is a Frappé?", think of the rich and classic coffee palette, whereas the Frappuccino offers a broader spectrum of colorful delights!

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