How to Make the Best Mocha Coffee

Mochas are a staple menu item of coffee shops. They're sweet, creamy, and chocolatey. Unlike some coffee beverages, mochas are incredibly simple and easy to make.

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History of the Mocha

Mocha in Glass, How to Make the Best Mocha

Originally, mocha referred to coffee beans imported from Al Moka, a Yemeni port. The beans differentiated themselves by their irregular shape and yellow-green hue. Their flavor was known for being earthy and chocolatey. This famous flavor of the beans influenced Italian coffee drinkers to add chocolate to their espresso to make the drink we know today.

Unlike the liquid and thin drink, Americans know as hot chocolate, Italian hot chocolate is thick and creamy. Frequently, they even cut it with corn starch to further thicken it. Mochas are more like Italian hot chocolate than American hot chocolate because of their Italian influence.

 Anatomy of a Mocha, How to Make the Best Mocha

How to Make the Best Mocha Coffee

What You'll Need for the Best Mocha Recipe:

How to Make the Best Mocha Coffee:

1. The Chocolate

Mocha in Goblet, How to Make the Best Mocha

Pump your chocolate sauce into the bottom of your hot paper cup.

2. The Espresso

Brew your shots of espresso. Pour them over your chocolate sauce.

3. The Milk

Coffee with Milk, How to Make the Best Mocha

Steam your milk until it's between 145-165 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour it over your espresso. Use the back of a spoon to diffuse the milk pouring.

4. The Top

Top your drink with whipped cream or sweet cream foam. Drizzle more chocolate syrup on top of that. Top your hot paper cup with a sipping lid and enjoy!

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