Hosting the Best Employee Holiday Party for Your Coffee Shop

The holiday season is a time of good drinks, time with family, and parties! It's customary for coffee shops to do something for their employees around the holidays. Some give gifts, some give bonuses, but today, we're talking about throwing a party. 

Remember: With COVID still a major risk factor, you need to make sure you're taking necessary precautions like wearing masks, socially distancing, and not sharing food or drinks.

Keep reading to find out how you can throw the best employee holiday party in your coffee shop!

1. Get Your Employees' Input - Holiday Party Tips

Before you plan your holiday party, ask your employees when you should host it, what food they want, and what activities they prefer. Your employees will appreciate being heard. This also ensures that your holiday party is one enjoyed by all.

2. Don't Make Them Work - Employee Holiday Party Ideas

Employee holiday parties are just that, a party. Don't require your employees to do the same tasks they do at work during a party. Allow them to relax and unwind without having to foam milk or brew coffee.

3. Get Food Everyone Will Love (and Can Eat) - Employee Holiday Party Ideas

Hot Chocolate, How to Throw the Best Employee Holiday Party for Your Coffee Shop

When getting your employees' input on the party, ask them about allergies. If you have an employee who can't eat gluten or who's allergic to peanuts, make sure they have food options. There's nothing more disheartening than seeing a spread of food with nothing you can eat.

4. Plan Games and Activities - Holiday Party Tips

Parties need activities! Plan fun group games like white elephant, cookie decorating, or games like Apples to Apples. The focal point of your party can be the food, but it's best to fill out the night with a few other activities.

5. Involve Gifts - Holiday Party Tips

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The holidays are known for exchanging gifts. For your holiday party, you can set up a secret Santa gift exchange or give something to each of your employees yourself. This is a great way to ensure your employees have something to remember the night.

This holiday season, your employees are sure to love the ways you celebrate them. Just make sure to do that safely!

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Are you throwing a holiday party for your employees this year? Take pictures and tag us on Instagram; we love hearing from you!

Denise, How to Throw the Best Employee Holiday Party for Your Coffee Shop


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