Simplify the Morning Rush with Coffee Order Forms

Every coffee shop knows how bad a morning coffee rush can be. You try to take orders quickly while still attending to each customer and there's still a long wait. We've found a great way to simplify this: coffee order forms!

What is a Coffee Order Form?

Coffee Shop Menu, Simplify the Morning Rush with Coffee Order Forms

A coffee order form is a small sheet of paper printed with your menu and available options. Your customers can easily circle exactly what they want! It's a great way to prevent order screw-ups and disappointed customers.

How to Use Coffee Order Forms

Coffee order forms are simple for you and your customers. To use them, just follow these three easy steps!

1. Consolidate Your Menu

Coffee Shop Menu Board, Simplify the Morning Rush with Coffee Order Forms

A coffee order form is just a simplified version of your menu. Put all your menu items into categories and decide what best fits your order form. Then all that's left is formatting it to fit a half or quarter-sized piece of paper. 

2. Print Your Forms


Brown Coffee Shop, Simplify the Morning Rush with Coffee Order Forms

Once you have your menu typed out and formatted, it's time to print it. There are a few ways to do this: you can print and cut your order forms yourself or you can bring your file to your local print shop where they can do that for you. If you choose to print and cut them yourself, you'll need to dedicate enough time so you always have order forms.

3. Implement Your Process

Coffee Shop POS, Simplify the Morning Rush with Coffee Order Forms

After you've printed your coffee order forms, it's time to put them to good use! Keep them accessible to the people at the end of your typical line next to a cup of pens or pencils. Teach your employees to make orders from the order forms so it's streamlined throughout your coffee shop.

We made a helpful mock-up of a coffee order form. Feel free to download and use it in your shop!

Coffee order forms are a great way to simplify the morning rush in your coffee shop. They're easy to use for your customers and staff alike. They make ordering less stressful and mistakes less common. Coffee order forms are sure to keep your coffee shop running smoothly!

Do you use coffee order forms in your coffee shop? Tell us about it in the comments, we love hearing from you!


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