Summer Body Tips: How Coffee and Soup Could Help You Hit Your Ideal Weight

With summer fast approaching, everyone is trying their best to get their beach bodies ready. Many people still struggle with one thing that nobody likes to do: dieting. Dieting for weight loss can be a struggle for anyone. With all the delicious food out there nowadays it's hard to say no. Fortunately, there are ways to still enjoy food (and beverages) without worrying about your weight. 

Coffee, or rather Caffeine 
There is no new study that caffeine could theoretically help you lose weight, but there's been a lot of myths about it. While consuming caffeine can potentially help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism slightly, it doesn't do much if your coffee is 90% cream and sugar. If you can't cut the sugary stuff cold turkey, try weaning yourself down a little bit every day. Sugar isn't productive for fat loss in large quantities anyhow, so you'd only be doing yourself a greater service by cutting it out of your coffee. Coffee that is primarily black can help increase the rate you burn fat by increasing your metabolism and energy. It isn't an end all solution however, so limit yourself to a 2-3 cups a day or less, for your heart's sake. 

The main reason people have trouble dieting is because they struggle with controlling the urge to eat, and therefore get so hungry they attack the first edible thing in sight. But eating soup can help, and it doesn't taste too bad either. Americans annually consume over 10 billion bowls of soup, so just picking the right one could be the game changer you're looking for. Soup can be an excellent way to help curb hunger and help lose weight, if done right (be wary of hot soup containers though). When choosing soups, you should pick one that is primarily water based with lean proteins and vegetables. The protein and light broth will help fill you up and lower your caloric intake. Avoid soups that are creamy or cheesy (there are some sacrifices, sorry). A nice piping hot soup container of chicken noodle is a great way to help you feel fulland help relieve congestion. 

So if you're suffering from thoughts of dieting woes, don't worry. Taking simple steps can actually go a long way!