The Best Italian Soda for Your Coffee Shop this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an American holiday that falls on the last Monday of May each year. Our nation has celebrated it since the Civil War. One of the first known Memorial Day celebrations was a gathering of freed slaves in Charleston, South Carolina. Every spring since then, people have gathered in remembrance of fallen soldiers. In 1971, the US government recognized it as a federal holiday. Unofficially, it's become the start of the summer season.

To add some patriotism to your menu, try making this Memorial Day Italian soda!

Here's how:

1. Use the Right Cup

Pink Drink in a Clear Cup, The Best Italian Soda for Your Coffee Shop this Memorial Day

One majorly important part of every festive drink is using the right cup. For this Italian soda, you'll need a high-quality clear plastic cup so your drinks can be Instagram-able. Try using a festive paper straw for a fun Memorial Day look!

2. Start with Syrup

What makes this drink so fun and visually pleasing is its bright ombre. Start by adding two pumps of watermelon flavoring syrup to the bottom of the cup. You'd usually add the syrup after the ice. Not in this drink! Because you're making an ombre look, the flavor has to stay on the bottom.

Watermelon, The Best Italian Soda for Your Coffee Shop This Memorial Day

3. Add the Middle

Once you've added the watermelon flavoring, add a scoop of ice cubes. Adding these now allows that color to stay on the bottom rather than mixing. After adding the ice, pour in your club soda. If you want more flavor in your drink, use a clear or white soda (7Up or Fresca). Don't fill the cup to the top -- make sure to leave room for half-and-half (optional) and your other flavoring.

Soda, The Best Italian Soda for Your Coffee Shop this Memorial Day

4. Top with Syrup

After you've added your soda (and half-and-half, if you choose to use it), finish the ombre with two pumps of blackberry flavoring syrup. This adds the final color to your drink. Make sure not to mix it together. If you do, the drink will turn purple.

5. Add Your Finishing Touches

Whipped Cream, The Best Italian Soda for your Coffee Shop this Memorial Day

Every good Italian Soda is topped with whipped cream under a dome lid. For this Italian soda, you'll top it with whipped cream, a cherry, and a blackberry. Finish with a festive paper straw!

This Memorial Day, celebrate our country with this festive drink. Your customers will love its colorful ombre and delightful flavors.

Comment below your favorite festive drinks!


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