The Essential Items For A Well-Stocked Office Kitchen

When you picture the typical office environment, you likely envision rows of cubicles, an outdated carpet covering the floor, and a hush that falls over the hard workers. However, in every office, the kitchen serves as a place for employees to gather, have meals together, and talk about whatever is on their minds. Ensure that your office kitchen is primed for these relaxed interactions by stocking it with these essential items.

Coffee Supplies - Kitchen Tools to Have in an Office

What is the modern office without a constant flow of delicious coffee? This caffeinated beverage fuels many employees, becoming as essential in an office as computers and conference rooms. The well-stocked office kitchen needs not only top-of-the-line coffee but also the supplies that complete the perfect cup of joe.

With 65% of coffee drinkers preferring to add sugar and/or cream to their morning cup, you will need a healthy amount of each in your office kitchen. You'll also need wooden coffee stirrers so employees can properly mix in the additives and paper coffee cups with lids for anyone who left their mug at home. Without the right sugar, cream, wooden coffee stirrers, and disposable cups, employees will only have the option of drinking their coffee black.

Options For Heating Up Lunch - Office Kitchen Supplies

It's almost inevitable that in the hour following noon, the office kitchen will resemble a busy train station, with employees bustling in and out to heat up their lunches. While this is a great time for coworkers to chat and catch one another up on their weekend activities, the daily lunch rush means that having just one microwave won't cut it.

In order to keep a line from forming in front of the kitchen's only means of quickly heating up lunch, have several appliances that can do the job. It's a safe bet that you will need two microwaves, but you could also have a convection oven or a toasted sandwich maker as well. These appliances will give employees ample choice for their re-heating needs and make the kitchen a more efficient space.

Ultimately, what you need in your Well Stocked Kitchen for office will be up to the general consensus of the employees and the needs of your company. Whether you decide to stock your kitchen communal bowls, plates, and mugs that employees can use and wash or with disposable items like wooden coffee stirrers that they can take as they need, they will appreciate what the company provides for them. Contact Hot Cup Factory today to order the supplies you need to perfect your office kitchen.


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