How to Make a Glittery Gold Frappe for New Year's Eve

Did you know that gold leaf is edible? In the last few years, the height of novelty, luxurious food is gold leaf. You can bring this luxury to your coffee shop this New Years with this delicious and glittery drink.

Gold Ice Cream, The Gold Frappe: Ring in the New Year with this Glittery Drink

Gold leaf is known for being expensive and luxurious. You may need to charge an extra fee for this drink. Because there are different ingredients in this drink than the rest of your menu, you'll have to market it as a "limited edition." This way, when you run out of gold leaf, you have an easy explanation as to why you're no longer serving this best frappe recipe.

You can buy the gold leaf here and the edible glitter here.

Here's How to Make Gold Frappe:

What You'll Need for the Gold Frappe Recipe:

How to Make Gold Frappe:

1. Blend it

Blend together your milk, ice, and frappe mix until smooth.

2. Fold it

Pour a third of this mixture into your cup. Sprinkle 1/3 teaspoon of edible gold glitter on top of this layer. Lightly fold the glitter into your drink so there are streaks of gold glitter showing from the edges of the cup.

3. Repeat

Milkshake, The Gold Frappe: Ring in the New Year with this Glittery Drink

Repeat step 2 with the other two-thirds of your drink.

4. Top it

Before you add your dome lid, top your drink with whipped cream. Remove your gold leaf from its sheet and lightly place it on top of your whipped cream.

5. Finish it

Add your dome lid and gold paper straw. Enjoy!

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Denise, The Gold Frappe: Ring in the New Year with this Glittery Drink


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