The History Of America's Coffee Addiction

Despite the traditional "American pastimes," not every American eats apple pie, baseball doesn't see the attendance it once did, and Chevrolet is doing just okay.

It's hard to identify one single item that resonates with Americans en masse, that is, until America collectively wakes up each morning and pours hundreds of millions of cups of coffee. Through all of the changes, one thing remains constant: coffee is the greatest thing in the entire world.

Okay, maybe not the greatest thing in the entire world, but it could certainly be considered the best part of waking up.

Taking into account the people drink zero coffee cups in the morning (how do they do it?), American consumers drink, on average, 1.64 cups of coffee each day. Globally, thanks to all America, France, and a few other coffee loving countries, roughly 2.25 billion cups of Joe are consumed every single day.

Whether it's to-go paper cups from Starbucks or unique indie brews, as long as it resembles coffee -- it will likely be drank, enjoyed, and repeated. But where did this obsession come from?

According to PBS, in 750 AD, when Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, found his goats acting a little more chipper than usual, he did some further investigating. What Kaldi found was that his newly productive goats had been eating fruits from coffee shrubs. After a few more caffeine experiments, Kaldi, his goats, and some fellow monks opened up the very first Starbucks. Just kidding. But they certainly were on to something.

Then, after an uneventful 1,220 years, came the 1960s.

Peace, love, and quenching for specialty coffee started to grow throughout the United States and people really began to see the magic of this beverage. The newfound love for a variety of flavors actually did inspire the very first Starbucks to open in Seattle in 1971.

Coffee is now an essential part of (nearly) everyone's day. Whether you're a millennial college student drinking high-tech space brews to get you through the morning or you just want some hot deliciousness in convenient paper cups, there are great options available for you to enjoy, so enjoy!

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