Why Use FoamAroma Lids?

FoamAroma lids are a recent development in the coffee shop community. Their innovative design facilitates a better coffee-drinking experience. You can smell your coffee and sip your foam all at once.

Why Not Just Use Regular Lids?

Kraft Cup, Why Use FoamAroma Lids?

The shape of traditional coffee cup lids has been exactly the same for many years. All it's made to do is reduce the chance of spilling. The lack of airflow means you have to suck on the sipping hole to really get any of your coffee. Another flaw of traditional coffee cup lids is their lack of open space. You can't smell your coffee while you drink it. Traditional coffee cup lids work in a pinch, but if you want to have the best experience drinking your coffee, you need to use a FoamAroma lid. foam aroma

Intentional Design

FoamAroma Lids, Why Use FoamAroma Lids?

The creator of FoamAroma lids, Craig Bailey, invented FoamAroma lids to enhance the coffee-drinking experience. He said,

"My moment of inspiration came from a drive home in Ridgefield, WA when I stopped by a local coffee shop to get a latte. I had some extra time, so I decided to go inside and relax while enjoying my drink from an open cup. It was such a marvelous and memorable experience. I had to go back the next day! This time it was in a to-go cup and lid which provided a disappointing experience." (via Marketers Media)

FoamAroma lids are made to give you the same experience as drinking from an open cup. The hole in the middle of the lid provides extra opportunity to smell your coffee. Alongside that, the triangular sipping hole allows the foam to escape with your coffee. The bigger holes may make you nervous about spilling while sipping but there's a solution for that! The flat edge along the sipping hole fits perfectly with your lip. It's a perfect seal!

Kraft Cup Black Lid, Why Use FoamAroma Lids?

FoamAroma lids are your best option for your best coffee-drinking experience. You get to smell your coffee, sip your foam, and reduce spilling.

Denise Hansen, Why Use FoamAroma Lids?