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      Hot Cup Factory offers paper cold cups. These are best used for smoothies, milkshakes, sodas, iced teas, iced mochas, iced coffees and more!

      At Hot Cup Factory, we don't just want to be your online home for quality, wholesale coffee shop supplies. We want to be your go-to vendor whenever you need to order supplies to serve coffee, tea, or beverages of any kind to your loyal customers. From all the classics to more aesthetically pleasing items like clear plastic cups and unique color patterns, we have all the supplies that you'll need to take your place of business to the next level. 
      Rather than just serving the same boring white polystyrene cup of coffee all day long, try mixing it up with some different styles of cups. Polystyrene might work great for bland takeout containers, but there are an abundance of problems with this type of material. For starters, they are quite boring, but even if you can look past that fact, there isn't too much to enjoy. 
      Even for traditional hot coffee, these foam cups often result in hot coffee being spilled all over. Even the larger cups are still relatively small compared to higher quality products. Even worse, your drinks simply won't taste as good. Maybe the first sip or two tastes fine, but after a few minutes and multiple sips, drinkers will start to get that moist polystyrene aftertaste in their mouths. 
      That's where Hot Cup Factory comes in. We can provide your place of business with an abundance of quality cups that are both more practical and better looking than their bland counterparts. Our clear plastic cups are strong and come in much larger sizes than the alternatives. Also, unless something is drastically wrong with your clear plastic cups, there will be virtually no aftertaste. 
      Your customers probably aren't boring, tasteless people -- so don't treat them as such! Ditch the boring products and check out all the wonderful, custom, colorful, or clear plastic cups that Hot Cup Factory has to offer. 
      • Bubble Tea and Boba Tea
      • Smoothies, Fresh Juices, and Fountain Drinks 
      • Iced Coffee 
      • Iced Tea 
      • Blended Drinks 
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