Disposable Cups

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      Disposable Paper Coffee Cups

      Select the perfect cups for your enchanting drink concoctions. Disposable cups keep your customers’ hands safe and your drink stylish.

      You can choose from double wall cups or single wall disposable cups. If you opt for single wall disposable cups it is recommended that you pair them with cup sleeves.

      What are the Disposable Paper Cup Sizes, Colors, and Materials?

      At Hot Cup Factory you can choose from 8oz, 12oz,  16oz, and 20 oz hot paper cups. You can choose from white, black, kraft, and black and white plaid cup sizes. These paper cups are made of high-quality paper and can hold extremely hot or cold liquids. Each disposable cup is great for coffee shops and stores

      We Offer Disposable Cups That You Can Use Again and Again

      Perfect For Events

      Offering special events? Disposable cups are the perfect solution for when you offer special events at your coffee shop. You can use paper or plastic disposable cups for all of your special events. You can choose white, black, kraft, or plaid cups.

      Want to make your events even more special? Then order custom cups disposable! You can add your coffee shop name, logo, or a special slogan to your custom cups disposable. Ready to make your disposable cups stand out? Order your custom disposable cups here.

      Variety of Lid Options

      Choose a lid suited to your disposable cups. Clear flat lids are sweet and simple for your cups disposable. Dome lids show the full beauty of your expertly crafted concoctions in a custom plastic cup. Strawless sip lids feature a smart opening for spill-free enjoyment without the need for a straw.

      Why Choose Hot Cup Factory for Custom Coffee Cups?

      Look no further for your disposable needs—Hot Cup Factory is your ultimate coffee shop supplier. Here's why you should turn to us:

      Fast Shipping

      FAST SHIPPING on all orders! Most orders are shipped the same day.

      We Have the Best Coffee Cups!

      FAST SHIPPING on all orders! Most orders are shipped the same day.

      We’re Eco-Friendly!

      We value sustainability and eco-friendly business practices. That’s why we offer several types of eco-friendly custom cups.

      We Value Transparency!

      We put our customers first. We will never charge hidden fees for our custom printing services. If you need a bulk order, or just a few cases, we have you covered. We value your satisfaction over anything else.

      We Know Coffee Supplies!

      With years of experience in the food and drink industry, we are able to be nimble and change as our customers change. We know what it’s like to work in the restaurant business and we’re here for you.