Disposable Cups With Lids

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      Discover a Wide Variety of Disposable Cups With Lids

      At Hot Cup Factory you can choose from 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 20oz, and 24 oz sized cups.

      Black Hot Cup Lids

      Enhance the drink experience with black hot cup lids. The unique and creative design of these lids allows the drinker to sip slowly, feel silky foam in every sip, and inhale the aroma. It also helps prevent burns and spills while keeping your drink disposable cups with lids hot at the same time.

      Clear Flat Lids

      Clear flat lids are sweet and simple. Each clear flat lids have an opening that a straw or spoon seamlessly slides into. Made from high quality and strong, clear PET plastic. Used for milkshakes, smoothies, iced teas, soda and more.

      Clear Dome Lids

      Make your creations absolutely stunning with clear dome lids. With clear dome lids your customers will see the full beauty of your expertly crafted concoctions. All clear dome lids have an opening at the top for a straw or spoon.

      Strawless Sip Lid

      Discover the simplicity of the strawless sip lid for your disposable cups and lids. These lids feature a smart opening for spill-free enjoyment without the need for a straw for your disposable cups and lids. Strawless sip lids are a smart and sustainable choice of disposable cups with lids.

      Disposable Cups With Lids That Elevate On-the-Go Experiences

      On-the-Go Perfection

      Plastic cups and lids are the perfect solution for your on-the go customers. Quality PET plastic cups embody strength and durability that will prevent spills. These lids securely fit on the plastic cups, thus allowing your customers to enjoy their drink in their cups with lids disposable wherever they go.

      Easy to Dispose

      Each disposable cup with a lid is easy to throw away. All of our paper cups are eco-friendly and our PET plastic cups and lids are disposable.

      Eco-Friendly Cups

      All of our paper cups with lids disposable are made with recyclable paper. These eco-friendly paper cups are fully compostable and biodegradable! They’ll completely break down in a compost bin. Even the colorful ones! These eco-friendly cups won’t rot in a landfill for thousands of years like styrofoam or plastic would.

      Why PET Plastic?

      All of our plastic lids and cups are made with high-quality PET plastic. PET plastic is known for it’s durability No matter where your customers go their clear PET plastic cups will prevent spills. All PET plastic is lightweight as well.

      PET is not just great for your customers but also for the environment. Each PET disposable plastic lid and cup are 100% recyclable, so when your customers are done enjoying your delectable drink they can recycle their disposable cup with lid. 

      Why Use Polystyrene Blend Plastic?

      All of our FoamAroma Black Hot Cup Lids are made of polystyrene blend plastic. These lids will hold up well against hot drinks and won't warp or crack. You won't have to worry about the lid cracking.


      To add a stylish touch to your disposable cup with lid you should add a stylish straw. Each straw is made of durable PET plastic and comes in an individually wrapped straw. These straws seamlessly slid in our clear flat lids and clear dome lids.

      Why Purchase Coffee Cups from Us?

      Look no further for your custom disposable cups with lids needs—Hot Cup Factory is your ultimate coffee shop supplier. Here's why you should turn to us:

      Fast Shipping

      FAST SHIPPING on all cups with lids disposable! Most orders are shipped the same day.

      We Have the Best Cups With Lids Disposable!

      We offer high-quality custom disposable cups with lids with low minimum orders. All our cups with lids disposable are the best quality on the market. You can use these custom coffee cups without any worry.

      We’re Eco-Friendly!

      We value sustainability and eco-friendly business practices. That’s why we offer several types of eco-friendly custom disposable cups with lids.

      We Value Transparency!

      We put our customers first. We will never charge hidden fees for our custom printing services. If you need a bulk order, or just a few cases, we have you covered. We value your satisfaction over anything else.