Eco Friendly Restaurant Supplies

      Save the planet with these eco-friendly Supplies! Running a coffee shop or restaurant isn't always easy. Between packaging, recycling, and investing in quality supplies, it can be hard to promote sustainability while catering to the many needs of your clients. That's why the experts at Hot Cup Factory are offering the best eco-friendly supplies to help your shop save the planet - and look good while doing it. Let our vast selection of compostable products wow your customers and prevent harmful plastics from making their way into our local ecosystems. But what types of eco-friendly supplies do we offer? We're so glad you asked. Paper drinking straws don't have to be the boring white options you see invading our supermarkets. The selection of paper drinking straws at Hot Cup Factory consists of high-quality paper with a number of fun designs. Are you ready to ditch plastic spoons? At Hot Cup Factory, we offer FDA-approved, sustainable utensils to help reduce plastic waste entering our oceans. Whether you're looking for heavyweight wooden knives or wooden-tasting spoons, we have the supplies you need to lead an eco-friendly restaurant. But these aren't our only biodegradable, eco-friendly restaurant supplies. Hot Cup Factory is proud to offer eco-friendly cornstarch supplies as well! These innovative products look great and have the strength to match. In fact, our cornstarch spoons can withstand temperatures of up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit! This makes them the perfect match for any meal, whether you're eating frozen yogurt or hot cocoa. Hot Cup Factory is rightly concerned about the Earth and its environment. Here you will find our eco-friendly coffee supplies, including wood spoons, biodegradable and compostable cups, and spoons! Join us in doing our part to help save the planet! Are you ready to help save the planet? Rely on the eco-friendly supplies offered by Hot Cup Factory today.