Astra MEGA III Automatic Espresso Machine
Astra MEGA III Automatic Espresso Machine

Astra MEGA III Automatic Espresso Machine


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The perfect blend of artistry and consistency, Astra’s MEGA III Automatic Espresso Machine provides perfect portion control for a quality beverage every time without extensive training. Designed for high output with the addition of a self-tamping, high density group head, copper boiler and a temperature stabilizing thermocycling system.

The M3-013 220V three group head automatic machine is designed with modular parts combined with intuitive features for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. Itis manufactured using commercial components including a full size rotary vane Procon pump, Astra’s thermocircular brewing mechanism, a 17 liter boiler and a 5500 watt heating element, three steam wands and one hot water valve, manual dosing and manual hot water controls. The thermocycling system provides absolute temperature consistency to deliver the perfect cup every time.

Handcrafted in the USA of US-standard parts. Made to order. Ships in 2-3 Weeks.

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