FoamAroma Cup Lids Collection


      Welcome to our FoamAroma Lids collection at Hot Cup Factory! We’re excited to introduce you to our premium range of lids that are revolutionizing the hot beverage industry.

      Our FoamAroma lids are setting a new gold standard for both consumer experience and product functionality. They are uniquely designed to fit a variety of hot paper cup sizes, with a top rim outer diameter ranging from 3.51” (89mm) to 3.54” (90mm), and a maximum rim roll of 0.180”. These lids are perfect for standard 12/16/20 oz hot paper cups with a top diameter of 90mm, and some squat 10 oz hot paper cups.

      What truly sets our FoamAroma lids apart is their ingenious design, which includes aroma vents that elevate the sensory experience of enjoying coffee or tea. These aroma vents allow the rich scents to waft through, offering a tantalizing preview of the flavors to come, making every sip an experience rather than just a routine.

      In addition to their aromatic advantages, FoamAroma lids provide superior heat retention, ensuring your beverages remain hot for extended periods without scalding your lips or fingers. Moreover, the secure, spill-resistant fit of FoamAroma lids offers consumers peace of mind, knowing they can enjoy their hot beverage without any messy mishaps.

      Crafted from high-quality, environmentally responsible materials, FoamAroma lids don’t just lead the industry; they redefine expectations. They are made from a premium polystyrene blend that is PBA free and resists cracking. These lids are flexible for a snug fit to the cup, ensuring your beverage stays hot and secure. Plus, they can be reused several times and are dishwasher safe on the normal cycle in the top rack.

      Our FoamAroma lids come in cases of 1,000 lids, packaged in 10 sleeves of 100 lids each. This makes it easy for you to stock up and ensure you always have these high-quality lids on hand.

      With FoamAroma lids, you’re not just putting a lid on a cup; you’re elevating the entire hot beverage experience. Experience the difference with our FoamAroma lids today! Enjoy your favorite hot beverages like never before, with the assurance of quality and convenience that comes with every FoamAroma lid from Hot Cup Factory.