Coffee Stirrers and Wooden Stir Sticks

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      Wooden Coffee Stirrers are the Perfect Stirring Solution!

      There’s nothing worse than all the flavoring and sugar falling to the bottom of your drink where you can’t taste it. Your customers won’t have this problem if they use our coffee stirrers! Wooden stir sticks are the perfect solution to separated drinks.


      Most coffee stirrers are made from harsh plastic. We offer eco-friendly solutions for traditional coffee shop supplies. Here at Hot Cup Factory, we value sustainable business practices and we know you do too! We offer wooden coffee stirrers that are fully biodegradable. They're the perfect eco-friendly and sanitary option.


      While these stirrers are made for hot coffee, they can be used for much more! Try our wooden stir sticks with iced coffee, tea, or even Italian soda. These stir sticks work for any drink. We even have stirrers that double as drink plugs for any drink you want to keep from spilling your drinks in transport.

      If you have any questions or concerns about our wooden stir sticks or anything else, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you!