Social Distancing Table Toppers - Green 'Open' Topper

Social Distancing Table Toppers - Green 'Open' Topper


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Introducing our Social Distancing Table Toppers! Promote healthy living in your restaurant.

Promote Social Distancing

With new protocols around cleaning and distancing, restaurants are in need of new signage to keep customers informed. These table toppers are the perfect solution! With one side allowing customers to be seated and one side asking them to wait, your patrons never have to worry that their table isn’t clean.

Keep Your Restaurant Sanitary

We know that keeping your restaurant safe and sanitary is a major task, especially with major illnesses going around. With these signs, you don’t have to worry about endangering your customers. Your employees will also be able to tell what tables they’ve already cleaned. With these table toppers, you can easily keep your restaurant clean, safe, and sanitary. These table toppers image is printed on a plastic surface, making it easy to clean and wipe down.

Make sure to check out our Red 'Closed' Table Topper that completes this set.


For quantities over 100 please email for a quote and we will get back to you quickly. These are fully customizable with your logo for quantities over 100.


Diameter: 8”