7 of the Best Foods to Pair with Coffee

Coffee is a well-loved drink many people enjoy daily. Some people drink it by itself, some pair it with other treats and foods. Coffee doesn't fit with every food, however. If you're looking to add some food to your coffee shop but aren't quite sure what will fit, here's a comprehensive guide for you!

The Best Foods to Pair with Coffee

1. Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake, 7 of the Best Foods to Pair with Coffee

Coffee cake got its name for a reason! This sweet, cinnamon-y cake is perfect for eating with a nice cup of Joe. It's sweet enough to counteract any bitterness without being too decadent. You can't go wrong serving coffee cake in your coffee shop.

2. Biscotti

This is another coffee-classic. These crunchy cookies were made to be dunked in a hot cup of coffee! You can easily make your own or buy them from any bakery or restaurant supplier.

3. Toast

Toast, 7 of the Best Foods to Pair with Coffee

Toast is one of life's simple pleasures. It's classically known as a breakfast food making it a great companion to coffee. You can eat them together or even dip your toast in the coffee!

4. Dark Chocolate

Coffee and dark chocolate have similarly sophisticated flavor profiles. Pairing them is a no-brainer! You can even put dark chocolate sauce in your coffee.

5. Scrambled Eggs

Eggs, 7 of the Best Foods to Pair with Coffee

Another classic breakfast food perfect for your morning coffee. Coffee and eggs are a great combination because the savory egg flavor complements the coffee. Try it as a breakfast sandwich even!

6. Bagels

Everyone loves a good bagel! Bagels and coffee are a match made in heaven. You can dip your bagels in coffee or eat them together. They're a great combination.

7. Donuts

Donut, 7 of the Best Foods to Pair with Coffee

Originally, donuts were paired with coffee because donut shops were the only places open as early in the morning as coffee shops. Now people eat them together because they're delicious! The sweetness of the donut balances out the coffee.

Coffee has many food companions. Some are sweet, some are savory, all are delicious! Your coffee shop is sure to benefit from the addition of any of these foods.

Denise Jacobsen