Decoration Ideas- How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop

Unlike many other businesses, coffee shops are a place where people want to linger. If you've spent much time in a coffee shop, you've seen people studying, writers composing, and maybe even first dates happening. Good coffee shops foster gathering. You can do this by decorating your coffee shop in a comfortable way. Here's a simple guide to help!

What to Consider for Coffee Shop Decorations

Your Location

Location, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop

Are you a small-town coffee shop or are you a trendy cafe in the heart of downtown? You should coordinate your shop with your location. If your shop is in a small farming town, it would seem jarring to walk in and see a modern, minimalist layout. Your shop should make sense with its surroundings.

Your Venue

World Map Cafe, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop

Another major consideration when decorating your coffee shop is your venue. What's your layout? This will have a large bearing on the type of seating you choose. If you have an open floorplan with room for couches and tables, use it. If your shop has less space, you may limit your seating to a car or counter area. Whatever you decide should fit your venue.

Your Product

Espresso Machine, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop

What do you sell? If your main product is more traditional like drip coffee and espresso, your shop should reflect that. Just like your shop should coordinate your location, you should be coordinating with your product. It should make sense with your decor.

How to Implement it

The Decor - Coffee Shop Decorating Ideas

Plant Decor, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop

Decor can seem like a difficult thing to shop for and understand. It's simpler than you think! Once you've decided the vibe you want for your coffee shop, you'll know what kind of decor you want. Go to your local thrift stores and find garage sales. You'll find cute stuff! Don't be afraid to be crafty.

The Supplies - Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

Cup Holder, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop

Every coffee shop needs suppliesCustom cups are a great way to make sure your branding is cohesive. If you don't want to buy custom cups, we have a wide variety of patterns and colors to go with any branding. Try our colorful cup sleeves for a fun and bright store, or our kraft cups for a modern feel! With cohesive branding, including your disposable supplies, your customers can feel like they're in your store even after they've left.

The Branding - Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

Coffee Shop, How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop

Your coffee shop decorations, logo, and social media should all be cohesive. They should make sense together. If your store has retro decor, your logo and social media should reflect that. When your customers see your logo and social media, they should feel like they've walked into your shop. Keep it simple, post pictures of little things in your shop with similar colors and tones. Your branding is just as important as your decor.

Having cohesive branding and decor gives your coffee shop an advantage. Customers will love your atmosphere enough to continue giving you their business. It's a great way to promote new business and loyal customers. However you choose to decorate your coffee shop, your customers are sure to love it!


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Having a website is another way to keep your customers engaged with your shop. By having a website you can keep your customers in the loop of valuable information like, opening hours, menu offering and other promotions that are going on.