The Pup Cup: Every Dog's Favorite Treat

Especially if you're in a big city, dogs are everywhere. Some places even allow their customers' furry friends in their coffee shops! Even if pets aren't allowed in your coffee shop, you can still serve them in your drive-thru or outdoor dining area. Pup cups are the perfect way to do something nice for your customers with pets!

How to Make a Pup Cup for Your Coffee Shop.

What is a Pup Cup?

Girls with Dog, The Pup Cup: Every Dog's Favorite Treat

Pup cups are a coffee shop's way to serve their customers' dogs a little treat. Most coffee shops use a small paper cup, usually 4 ounces, filled with whipped cream. Some coffee shops will make dog treats with peanut butter or bacon and package them like their bakery items. However you choose to do it, your customers are sure to love it!

Why Offer a Pup Cup?

Woman with Dog, The Pup Cup: Every Dog's Favorite Treat

Pup cups are the perfect way to show your customers that you pay attention to detail. They'll love your added attention to their pets. Alongside that, their furry friends are bound to be hungry too! Why not serve them?

Your customers with dogs are sure to appreciate pup cups. They'll love that you're willing to cater to their dogs. It's a great way to boost customer loyalty and put a smile on their face.


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