The Secret to Coffee Shop Success: Good Coffee

There's no doubt about it: Americans love coffee. 

The United States imported about 27.5 million bags of coffee in 2014, accounting for nearly one quarter of global coffee (un-roasted) imports, making it the world's largest single buyer. 

If you're running your own coffee shop, there are all sorts of things that you need to do to ensure success. You need to have plenty of cheap paper cups for on-the-go drinkers, you need to have a friendly and hardworking staff, and you need to have a clean and welcoming environment. Most importantly, however, in order for you to succeed in this competitive coffee market, you need to actually serve good coffee. 

The easiest way to go out of business for a coffee shop is to simply offer bad coffee. Even if everything else is great; you have delicious food available, the friendliest staff on the planet, and affordable prices. If the coffee is bad, your customers will not return. 

Thankfully, it's not too difficult to brew some coffee and fill up your customers' paper cups. If you want to stand out and bring in a lot more cash, however, you should start thinking about offering a few specialty styles of coffee, as well. Here are some of the current most popular types of coffee you should consider offering at your shop: 

Espresso -- Espresso is probably the most popular type of coffee. It became popular back in the 1950s and originated from Italy.

Mazagran -- This type of coffee is actually cold brew that originated from Algeria. Mazagran is poured over ice and has been enjoyed since the 1840s.

Cappuccino -- Another style originating from Italy, cappuccino became popular in the mid-1990s. Simply pour heavily foamed milk into an espresso and you're ready to serve this tasty drink.

Turkish Coffee -- As the name indicates, this style hails from Turkey. This style is essentially unfiltered coffee and is used primarily for Turkish weddings and even fortune telling.

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