Tim Porter

CEO & People Builder

Tim is a proud father, husband and puts his "Family first". Little known fact, he is a devoted watch and pen collector. Tim is also half Welsch and loves his Classic Mini Cooper.

Tyler Allison

Director of Strategy and Development

On a typical weekend, Tyler enjoys disc gold, soccer, spikeball, and pickleball. He is passionate about learning new things. In his words, "I don't take myseld too seriously; life is meant to have fun."

Abbie Cook

Human Resource Specialist Lead

Abbie loves the summer because camping and hiking are 2 of her favorite things to do, but she is deathly afraid of bears. She is also addicted to Tillamook ice cream.


Leah Mata

Customer Experience Lead

Would you believe that Leah can do a solid Snoopy impression?! She can play the piano, guitar, and ukulele and she also loves to go stargazing.


Hank Fowles

Director of Sales

Hank considers himself a family man. He loves the outdoors. He enjoys all things sports, especially basketball, football, and disc golf.

Justin McOmber

Custom Sales Manager

A big passion that Justin has is shooting and editing videos. Other hobbies include wakeboarding and snowboarding.

Myrissa Robinson

Uniqify Account Executive

Outside of work, Myrissa is s a Cosmetologist. In her free time she will be either hammocking or hanging out with her dog. 

Jeremy Gunter

Senior Account Executive

Jeremy loves to read and learn - he is currently even translating from Biblical Hebrew and Greek! When he isn't reading, you can usually find him hiking and exploring the outdoors.

Jaron Hill

Sales Support Specialist

Jaron is a big hat guy if you couldn't tell. When he gets has free time, he enjoys doing puzzles. He is also an aspiring producer.


Elena Coons

Sales Support Design

Elena was a competitive powerlifter in high school, her favorite movie is Back to the Future, and her favorite food is waffles.

Braden Marcum

Account Manager

Braden has a love for soccer and board games. His favorite game to play is Settlers of Catan. He is also a film fanatic with the Harry Potter movies being his favorite movies to watch!

Aaron Sautter

Junior Account Executive

Racquetball is Aaron's favorite sport to play. He also likes to hang out with his friends and family - and his dog!


Ammon Jensen

Junior Account Executive

Ammon is a big sports guy and loves to golf. When he has free time he loves to spend time with his family and friends.



Ethan McRae

Senior IT Developer

After years of reading, Ethan has finally been converted to audio books! In addition to audio books, he enjoys exploring the outdoors. If you ever have a free second, be sure to ask him what his latest "idea" is!

Kaleb Pulley

IT Developer

100 mile bike ride? Kaleb has been there and done that! Did you know that he has also read a 1,400 page book in only 1 week?! Kaleb is always ready to tackle huge challenges.


Chip Hixon

Director of Marketing

Chip is a proud husband and father. He plays all kinds of sports and enjoys playing the piano and guitar.

West Mata

Brand Manager

In Westley's free time, he is obsessed with creating. When hanging out with his wife, he enjoys competing in board games. He also strives to seek discomfort when possible.

Haylee Harris

Creative Team Lead

When Haylee isn't working, you can probably catch her hiking in the mountains or running a few miles outside. She loves to travel - if she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Iceland.

Taylor Hillstead

Graphic Designer

Taylor is a plant enthusiast! You can probably find her house filled with all kinds of plants. She is also addicted to pepsi and loves to spend time with her family and dogs.

Jonathan Lawton

Website Operations Lead

Jonathan is a big family guy - he loves being a husband and a dad to his two adorable kids! He is also in the Army National Guard and his go-to dessert of choice is always ice cream.

Caleb Young

Website Analytics Team Lead

Caleb boosts a proud collection of Murica t-shirts. He also loves to read Brandon Sanderson books, watch the LOTR movies, and play the Zelda games.


Elijah Bonner

Email Marketing Specialist

Meet Elijah! In case you didn't know, he was the lead singer in a mariachi cover band AND he makes some decent tacos! He is also a 3x animal attack survivor (moose, monkey, and shih tzu).


Gilson de Oliveira

Website Revenue Manager

Meet Gilson! He is a proud husband and father. In his free time he loves to travel specially doing anything outdoors. He is also a huge marketing, investing, and business enthusiast so he is a great asset to our team.


Cooper Siebers

Director of Operations

Cooper is passionate about competing and strategizing. He enjoys playing board games and video games. During the summer he is a professional disc golfer and event organizer.

Ben Hatch

Supply Chain Manager

Ben loves extreme sports, especially snowboarding and mountain biking. He is also a family man and a recovering chocolate addict.

Eli Eberhard

Warehouse Fulfillment Specialist

When he is not in the warehouse, Eli is a book lover and likes to spend his time reading. He is also a self-proclaimed world traveler and has a pet snake.

Jeni Meng

Custom Logistics Specialist

Jeni is an extreme Gilmore Girls fan - she knows every episode by heart! She loves doing puzzles with her husband and when given the choice, she will always choose water over everything else.


Daylen Corpany

Warehouse Team Lead

Daylen loves sports. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family & wife. He is also a dog person.


Tyler Springer

Staff Accountant Lead

Tyler likes to swim and mountain bike during the summer. He is also a self-proclaimed sushi connoisseur. His favorite books are "Dune" and "The Way of Kings".