Tim Porter

CEO & People Builder

Tim is a proud father, husband and puts his "Family first". Little known fact, he is a devoted watch and pen collector. Tim is also half Welsch and loves his Classic Mini Cooper.

Tyler Allison

VP of Operations

On a typical weekend, Tyler enjoys disc gold, soccer, spikeball, and pickleball. He is passionate about learning new things. In his words, "I don't take myseld too seriously; life is meant to have fun."

Hank Fowles

Director of Hot Cup Factory

Hank considers himself a family man. He loves the outdoors. He enjoys all things sports, especially basketball, football, and disc golf.

Brayden Stegelmeier

HR Specialist

 Brayden enjoys snow skiing, snowmobiling, and all winter sports but when it's not winter you'll find him mountain biking and rock climbing. He also knows how to start friction fires


Samantha Jarnagin

Customer Experience Manager

Samantha is passionate about singing and has a bubbly personality. She is enthusiastic about serving others, making her a wonderful customer service rep and friend.

Myrissa Robinson

Customer Satisfaction Representative

Outside of work, Myrissa is s a Cosmetologist. In her free time she will be either hammocking or hanging out with her dog. 

Allie Blackmore

Customer Retention Specialist

Allie loves babies and children so much that she feels most comfortable around them! She is also double jointed and has a orange spot in her eye.

Braden Marcum

Customer Retention Team Lead

Braden enjoys playing soccer among many other sports. He is a closet nerd and self proclaimed Harry Potter Fanatic. He also is down for a good board game.


Chip Hixon

Director of Sales

Chip is a proud husband and father. He plays all kinds of sports and enjoys playing the piano and guitar.

Lydia Woodland

Custom Sales Manager

Lydia is a soda enthusiast and can turn anything into a party with her fun attitude. She loves living in Idaho.

Chandler Wills

Sales Development Representative

He considers himself a self proclaimed sleep expert and unofficial movie critic. He also is a an avid sandwich lover.

Max Steele

Account Executive

A lot of people assume that because Max is 6'7", he must play basketball; however, he'd rather play tennis. Max is always making people laugh and enjoying 8+ hours of music daily.

Claire Welch

Sales Development Representative

Claire would argue that diet coke is superior. In her free time she loves anything outdoors, especially boating. With the rest of her time you will find her listening to music or hanging out with friends.   

Jacob Ewell

Account Executive

According to Jacob, he is a good enough salesman to get his wife to marry him. He tends to eat too much sushi. He also boast about his black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Spencer John

Account Executive

Spencer considers himself a pre-workout connoisseur and a caffeine addict. According to him, the coolest thing I've done is feed a giraffe. He is also a practicing Omnivore for 22 years.


Baden Hanchett

IT Developer

As expected, Baden loves new tech and is considered to be the technology expert in his family. Usually he has to say something like, "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

Chase Bush

IT Developer

Chase is a music Fanatic and often listens to his record collection.  He enjoys skiing and skateboarding outdoors. Also he is a baking perfectionist.


Sam Whitlock

Marketing Director

Sam finds a lot of peace in natures and enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities. On the weekend he's either rock climbing, hunting, fishing, skiing or running.

McKay Jaeckel

Paid Ads Manager

McKay has big, adventurous dreams. He dreams of becoming a digital nomad so he can one day climb Mount Everest and row across the Atlantic ocean.

Olivia Hohl

Social Media Specialist

Olivia is always up for a trip or adventure. She considers herself to be emotionally attached to her golf clubs, and loves to play.

Westley Mata

Graphic Designer

In Westley's free time, he is obsessed with creating. When hanging out with his wife, he enjoys competing in board games. He also strives to seek discomfort when possible.

Kelli Marchant

Graphic Designer

Kelli is always looking forward to the next adventure on her bucket list. She is a lover of all things country and claims her spirit animal is a grapefruit!

Kenton Winegar

Eccomerce Specialist

For Kenton, the best place to be is on top of a mountain. He loves rock climbing, and playing the piano and guitar.

Trent Davis

Marketing Specialist

Trent is a proud sound cloud rapper. According to him, he definitely married up. He also says he is always winging it. 


Cooper Siebers

Director of Supply Chain

Cooper is passionate about competing and strategizing. He enjoys playing board games and video games. During the summer he is a professional disc golfer and event organizer.

Satchel Murphy

Warehouse Lead

In high school, Satchel was part of the very first beach volleyball team in his school. He is still passionate about playing sports. He is half-Argentine, free-spirited, and humor loving.

Liam Wertz

Logistics Specialist

Liam considers himself a dungeons and dragons fanatic. He enjoys being outdoors playing basketball and hammocks. He loves steak, and prefers his steak cooked just enough so it doesn’t get salmonella

Ben Hatch

Supply Chain Operations Manager

Ben loves extreme sports, especially snowboarding and mountain biking. He is also a family man and a recovering chocolate addict.


Stosh Hatch

Data Analyst

Stosh is very creative in finding entertaining things to do with his friends. He enjoys socializing, playing spikeball, and eating Taco Bell.

Noah Cluff

Financial Controller

If you find yourself on a local disc golf course, you'll be likely to find Noah as he is a regular. He is also a dad with professional professional diaper-changing skills. He also considered himself a early bird.

Alex Gillespie

Revenue Accountant/AR

Alex is the office "fashionista". He loves sports and being active. Alex is great at getting to know people and including them in anything he does.

Sam Smith

Cost Accountant/AP

Sam is an avid skeet shooter. A hidden talent of his includes playing the national anthem with his feet. He is also a proud visitor of every state in the south.