Tim Porter

CEO & People Builder

Tim is a proud father, husband and puts his "Family first". Little known fact, he is a devoted watch and pen collector. Tim is also half Welsch and loves his Classic Mini Cooper.

Tyler Allison

VP of Operations

On a typical weekend, Tyler enjoys disc gold, soccer, spikeball, and pickleball. He is passionate about learning new things. In his words, "I don't take myseld too seriously; life is meant to have fun."

Hank Fowles

Director of Hot Cup Factory

Hank considers himself a family man. He loves the outdoors. He enjoys all things sports, especially basketball, football, and disc golf.


HR Specialist

Ashlyn loves to be outdoors. She is cold 100% of the time and survives on chocolate milk and popcorn. 


Amanda Gillespie

Customer Satisfaction Representative

Amanda is a proud dog mom to the most perfect boy, Murphy. She is also a cinnamon roll and Taco Bell enthusiast, as well as a big shoe collector!

Samantha Jarnagin

Customer Solutions Team Lead

Samantha is passionate about singing and has a bubbly personality. She is enthusiastic about serving others, making her a wonderful customer service rep and friend.

Kimberly Andrus

Customer Satisfaction Representative

If you ask Kimberly to go to Chick-fil-a and she will always be down. She is a devoted Taylor Swift fan and proud Texan. One of Kimberlys many talents include being a tap dancer.  

Addie Child

Customer Satisfaction Representative

Addie has a lot of interest in old trucks, she claims "the rustier, the better". She is currently studying welding in school and loves it.

Allie Blackmore

Customer Retention Specialist

Allie loves babies and children so much that she feels most comfortable around them! She is also double jointed and has a orange spot in her eye.

Braden Marcum

Customer Retention Team Lead

Braden enjoys playing soccer among many other sports. He is a closet nerd and self proclaimed Harry Potter Fanatic. He also is down for a good board game.

Kynlee Erickson

Customer Satisfaction Representative

Kynlee enjoy being active whether it's doing ballet or going to the gym. She is also a self proclaimed smoothie connoisseur. 


Chip Hixon

Director of Sales

Chip is a proud husband and father. He plays all kinds of sports and enjoys playing the piano and guitar.

Lydia Woodland

Custom Sales Manager

Lydia is a soda enthusiast and can turn anything into a party with her fun attitude. She loves living in Idaho.

Noah Kelsch

Key Account Executive

Steve Irwin is Noah's childhood hero, as he enjoys anything adventurous: hiking, fishing, and hunting. We weren't surprised when we learned Noah met his wife through a dare.

Zach Simmons

Sales Development Representative

Zach loves a good challenge. He is ranked in the top 1% in the world on Hungry Shark, and ate a 2-pound burger, fries, and drink in 30 minutes when he was 12!

Sierra Wills

Sales Development Representative

Sierra is a local, unrecognized comedian.  Even though she has terrible hand-eye coordination, she still knows how to do a backflip.

Max Steele

Account Executive

A lot of people assume that because Max is 6'7", he must play basketball; however, he'd rather play tennis. Max is always making people laugh and enjoying 8+ hours of music daily.

Genna Waldron

Sales Development Representative

In the past few years, Genna has traveled to Hawaii and China. She has a twin sister, and sometimes it's really hard to tell them apart.

Cooper Porter

Sales Development Representative

Cooper is a 3x football state champion! He loves to travel anywhere and everywhere, especially if there is an ocean.

Jacob Ewell

Account Executive

According to Jacob, he is a good enough salesman to get his wife to marry him. He tends to eat too much sushi. He also boast about his black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Lauryn Simmons

Sales Development Representative

Lauryn is a quesadilla lover who puts ranch on just about anything! She can most likely be found sleeping, shopping, or lighting off fireworks.


Baden Hanchett

IT Developer

As expected, Baden loves new tech and is considered to be the technology expert in his family. Usually he has to say something like, "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

Ethan Mcrae

IT Developer

One of Ethan's best friends is a hairless cat. He drinks 50oz smoothies every morning without fail, and says that Minecraft sparked his interest in programming.


Sam Whitlock

Marketing Director

Sam finds a lot of peace in natures and enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities. On the weekend he's either rock climbing, hunting, fishing, skiing or running.

McKay Jaeckel

Paid Ads Manager

McKay has big, adventurous dreams. He dreams of becoming a digital nomad so he can one day climb Mount Everest and row across the Atlantic ocean.

Shelby Delbridge

Graphic Designer/Photographer

Shelby self-identifies as a Jack of all trades because she loves to learn and try new things. And she's a diehard fan of the show, The Office.

Bailey Cayas

Creative Director

Bailey loves the sunshine and would rather be somewhere warm. She's an avid thrifter and hates paying full price for anything. 

Westley Mata

Graphic Designer

In Westley's free time, he is obsessed with creating. When hanging out with his wife, he enjoys competing in board games. He also strives to seek discomfort when possible.

Olivia Hohl

Social Media Specialist

Olivia is always up for a trip or adventure. She considers herself to be emotionally attached to her golf clubs, and loves to play.

Kelli Marchant

Graphic Designer

Kelli is always looking forward to the next adventure on her bucket list. She is a lover of all things country and claims her spirit animal is a grapefruit!

Jackie Franc 

Social Media Specialist

Jackie is obsessed with sharks and says she could easily live off of french fries. She is always down for a good movie night. 

Kenton Winegar

Eccomerce Specialist

For Kenton, the best place to be is on top of a mountain. He loves rock climbing, and playing the piano and guitar.

Adrian Mendez

Marketing Research Specialist

Adrian loves animals and is addicted to popcorn. He is also from Mexico but isn't afraid to take on the rest of the world.

Trent Davis

Marketing Specialist

Trent is a proud sound cloud rapper. According to him, he definitely married up. He also says he is always winging it. 

Anna Wilden

Marketing Specialist

Anna isn't afraid to try new things, she has eaten both bear and shark. In her free time she loves learning about business and Mindset Certified Life Coach. She also eats kale straight out of the bag.


Cooper Siebers

Director of Supply Chain

Cooper is passionate about competing and strategizing. He enjoys playing board games and video games. During the summer he is a professional disc golfer and event organizer.

Nate Skidmore

Logistics Specialist

Nate is another avid disc golfer on our team. He enjoys collecting hats and having a good time with his friends.

Satchel Murphy

Warehouse Lead

In high school, Satchel was part of the very first beach volleyball team in his school. He is still passionate about playing sports. He is half-Argentine, free-spirited, and humor loving.

Angie Murillo Zacnich

Sourcing and Supply Chain Specialist

Angie has been to 13 different countries, and her travel bug will never go away! She recharges her energy by hanging out with new friends. Some of her favorite things are her husband, Mountain Dew, and mandarin food.

Ben Hatch

Operations Specialist

Ben loves extreme sports, especially snowboarding and mountain biking. He is also a family man and a recovering chocolate addict.


Stosh Hatch

Data Analyst

Stosh is very creative in finding entertaining things to do with his friends. He enjoys socializing, playing spikeball, and eating Taco Bell.

Ethan Vandehei

Financial Controller

Ethan is an aspiring mini golf pro, waiting for his big break. Until then, he enjoys being out on the water fishing when he's not staring at a computer screen.

Alex Gillespie

Fulfillment Experience Lead

Alex is the office "fashionista". He loves sports and being active. Alex is great at getting to know people and including them in anything he does.

Sam Smith

Cost Accountant/AP

Sam is an avid skeet shooter. A hidden talent of his includes playing the national anthem with his feet. He is also a proud visitor of every state in the south.