3 Great Ways to Secure a Secondary Source of Income

If you’re working hard at your full-time job but feel like you’re not making enough money, you should be searching for new ways to earn some cash. You can always look for a higher paying full-time job, but that’s not always an option for many Americans. You can, however, start a side hustle to earn a secondary source of income to really put you at a financial advantage.

Open a Coffee Shop
No matter how tough the U.S. economy gets, people are always going to need coffee, so you’ll always have a chance to make money by opening your own small coffee shop. It doesn’t have to be a major establishment that is open 24 hours a day, but just serving coffee to commuters each morning, since 65% of all coffee is consumed during breakfast hours, can be a great way to secure some more money. Make sure you get plenty of wholesale paper coffee cups, too. The worst thing you can do once you open your new coffee shop is run out of cups. Don’t irritate your customers right away because you won’t be able to recover from that early on. Get wholesale paper coffee cups so you never run out of product.

Look for Freelance Jobs
The Internet is a wonderful thing and can help you learn how to actually earn money writing, designing, coding, or more. There are dozens of freelance marketplaces that you can check out and send in an application or a writing portfolio. Hopefully they will like what they see and you can start earning some side cash within the freelancing sector.

Invest Your Money
Another great way to secure some additional cash is to break into investing. Obviously you need to be extremely careful making all your financial decisions when it comes to investing, but as long as you're doing enough research online and working with an experienced advisor, you should be in great shape to earn some more cash this year.

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