4 Tips For Giving Yourself the Perfect Morning

No more waking up late, feeling lazy all day, and hating the morning. It's time to give yourself the morning you deserve and set yourself up for a terrific rest of the day.

Here are some excellent tips for having the perfect morning each and every day:
  • Wake up with the sun -- Try and set your alarm to go off as soon as the morning sunshine enters your bedroom. Waking up to the sunrise is a great and healthy way to start your day and you'll love the sounds of the birds chirping at the sun each morning. 

  • Don’t touch your phone -- Far too many people wake up and grab their cell phones immediately. Doing that can actually stress you out right away if you have all those missed emails, calls, and texts that need to be attended to. The world will go on without you being on your phone for another hour or two, so leave your phone on your nightstand as you progress throughout your morning. 

  • Go for a light jog -- Getting a light workout in each morning is one of the best ways to give you a healthy boost of energy for the rest of the day. You'll feel incredibly productive as you're jogging around your neighborhood, knowing full well that 95% of those people are still sleeping. Wake up, have some water, get outside and run -- and remember to stretch! 

  • Pour a few coffee cups -- The average coffee cup size is about 9 ounces, which should be fine for you to start your morning with a delicious cup of Joe. You can make an entire pot of coffee if you want, but having a few cups each morning will not only relax you as you drink them, but will give you a helpful boost of energy that will carry you throughout the day. 
It’s time to start developing a healthier, more productive morning routine. Enjoy your newfound energy in the early hours of the day and visit Hot Cup Factory if you want to find some quality white paper cups for the on-the-go coffee drinker!


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