How to Maintain Your Torani Sauce and Syrup Pumps

Maintaining your syrup pumps and bottles is just as important as using high-quality ingredients. Because of the sugar content, Torani syrups tend to crystalize if they aren't cleaned regularly. The spout can get clogged and make it more difficult to pump. If you take the time to clean and maintain your syrup and sauce pumps nightly, you no longer run the risk of clogging and crystalizing.

Italian Soda, How to Maintain Your Torani Sauce and Syrup Pumps

We sell two different kinds of pumps. One for sauces, one for syrups, they fit our Torani sauces and syrups. Because they have vastly different thicknesses, there are various pumps for sauces and syrups. Syrup pumps are much thinner than sauce pumps. They're cleaned differently.

Here's how you can maintain your sauce and syrup pumps:

1. Disassemble Your Pumps

Depending on the pumps you're using, this process will be different.

For sauce pumps:

Torani Syrup, How to Maintain Your Torani Sauce and Syrup Pumps

Start by removing the pump from the bottle and removing the dipping tube from the body. Unscrew the collar to separate the body and the pump. This will allow you access to the spring. Remove that from the body. After that, separate the nozzle from the head. Now you have all the parts separate and you can clean them more effectively. Click here for a useful diagram of our Torani sauce pumps.

For syrup pumps:

Syrup pumps are a lot more simple to disassemble than sauce pumps. All you need to do is remove the stem from the pump. Now your syrup pump is ready for cleaning.

2. Soak Them in Warm Soapy Water

Boba Drink, How to Maintain Your Torani Sauce and Syrup Pumps

Soak all the disassembled parts in warm soapy water. Use good dish soap and the warmest water you can without burning your hands. Allow the pump parts to soak for at least fifteen minutes, or until the sauce and syrup has loosened from the pumps.

3. Scrub Your Pumps

Washing Dishes, How to Maintain Your Torani Sauce and Syrup Pumps

After you've allowed your pumps to soak, scrub each part individually. Make sure to pump soapy water through your syrup pump. This way you're sure there's no residue left inside the pump itself.

4. Rinse and Dry

Coffee Shop, How to Maintain Your Torani Sauce and Syrup Pumps

Rinse each part of your pump individually. Pump water through your syrup pumps to remove any soap residue. Rinse all of the pump parts with running water. Pat each piece dry with a towel and lay them out to dry. Allow all your pieces to dry fully before reassembling them. 

5. Properly Store Your Bottles and Pumps

Hot Chocolate, How to Maintain Your Torani Sauce and Syrup Pumps

Syrup and sauce bottles have a tendency to drip and attract fruit flies. When you close each night, make sure to wipe down any drips or residue on any sauce or syrup bottles. To prevent unnecessary crystalizing or even molding, store your syrups and sauces with their original lids. When you clean your pumps, allow them to dry disassembled overnight. 

Sauces and syrups are a vital part of the coffee business. They allow you to treat your customers to unique flavors and delightful drinks. It's easy to keep your pumps and bottles clean and sanitary -- just follow these tips!

What are your favorite sauces and syrups? Tell us in the comments below!



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