Let's All Be Honest About What Really Runs the World (Coffee)

We love our caffeine. Recent stats showed that we Americans drank almost two cups of coffee on average every day and we're the world's largest single buyer of coffee. In 2014, we imported almost 28 million bags of coffee -- almost  of global coffee imports. Though many of us certainly brew our coffee at home, we're also likely to pick up a cup at a coffee shop -- either an independent one or a chain, especially if we're picking up a fancier drink, like a cappuccino or latte. If you're running a coffee shop or cafe, having the right coffee accessories is important too. It's not just about what kind of coffee you have (although, of course, that can make a difference!) We'll discuss what coffee accessories you want to have on hand and what new coffee trends are looking like. 

Who Runs The World? Arguably, Coffee

There are two main types of coffee -- Arabica and Robusta. We primarily drink Arabica coffee. About half the population will sip on espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, or iced/cold coffee beverages, and around 65% of coffee is drank during breakfast. 

This isn't too surprising, as we associate coffee with the beginning of the day -- getting up and getting started, to the aroma of  brewed coffee. Though we might brew coffee at home, it's likely that we also might snag another cup on the way into work -- it's a nice little treat and is woven into many people's morning routines. 

It also ensures that we stay powered through the beginning of our work day and get stuff done! Even if it's mostly psychological, most of us will take what we can get.

What Coffee Accessories Should I Have At My Store? 

If you're more of a deli or quick eatery, and not focused solely on coffee, having carafes of coffee (a regular brew, flavored brew, and decaf are always good to have on hand) where customers can do self-serve is a great idea. It's economical and people will certainly take advantage.

Stocking white paper coffee cups, wooden coffee stirrers, lids, coffee sleeves, napkins, sugar, creamers, and milk are what you need for the basics. Since there's a growing number of people moving away from dairy products, you might also want to think about providing a milk alternative, like almond milk or soy milk.

A coffee shop or cafe that focuses more on coffee will likely have some specialized items. For example, they might have personalized disposable coffee cups or sleeves, with the business's name or logo on it. You're more likely to find other kinds of sweeteners as well -- brown sugar simple syrup, regular simple syrup, raw sugar, etc. -- and a variety of creamers (half and half, whole milk, skim milk, soy or almond milk). 

Pairing nibbles that go well with coffee is another great way to drive sales (biscottis, scones, muffins, and so on) and further entice customers in. 

What Are New Coffee Trends That I Should Know?

Coffee-on-the-go is kind of the idea of coffee, but stocking bottles of ready-made coffee (like pre-made cold brews or lattes that come in cans) is always a great idea for customers who are looking to just grab and go, instead of waiting in line for their coffee order to be made. 

Investing in fair trade or sustainable coffee is also big this year, as consumers are looking more critically at where their coffee comes from. Gourmet coffee drinks, like nitro coffee and cold  are also continuing to stay popular, as are dairy alternatives -- coconut milk has been a new frontrunner here. 

Interesting flavors of lattes -- like matcha or lavender or turmeric -- have also been cropping up at coffee shops across the country. It piques consumers' interest and provides an alternative if someone is looking to splurge.

Staying on top of coffee trends and having the right coffee accessories on hand can certainly make a difference in sales and continued growth in your store. 


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