Thank Your Coffee Cup Sleeves For These Great Benefits

Coffee cups sleeves are universally enjoyed among hot drink lovers across the globe. Unfortunately, not too much is known about these handy hot soup container and coffee accessories. Here's why you should thank your coffee sleeves the next time you renew your purchase.

How does your coffee sleeve work?

You won't see a hot paper cup on the run without a handy coffee cup sleeve. This slim piece of cardboard acts as an insulating layer between your customer's hand and their toasty beverage. Though it might not seem like a layer of cardboard offers a whole lot of protection, this cylindrical sleeve will comfortably insulate your consumer's drink for optimal holding temperature. The coffee sleeve also works to stop small spills or leaks in their tracks. No more wet hands on the way to work. Thanks to this handy little invention, businesses are able to protect their consumers and save money when they don't have to buy expensive double-insulated cups.

Why you should thank your coffee sleeves

Coffee sleeves are definitely an oft-overlooked product, especially when it comes to marketing. Not only does your coffee sleeve prevent a potential lawsuit from occurring should you customer spill their hot drink, but your coffee sleeve also showcases your company's logo. This to-go feature will ensure countless people see your subtle logo wherever your consumer goes. It makes conversation all the easier when someone asks, "Wow, that coffee smells good -- where did you get it?"

Whether your consumer leaves it on a table for passers-by to view or a cup is shared among coworkers, your coffee sleeve will prominently display your logo on its sleeve. If the art is good enough, your consumers may even keep your sleeve as a memento or other keepsake.

But coffee sleeves can do more than just display your logo. In fact, countless restaurants and coffee shops work their promotions into their sleeve design. Whether they want a holiday logo or want to showcase a festive promotion, helpful information can be displayed on your clean coffee sleeve to be shared with just about anyone. You can even work in fun facts about coffee for the fun of your guests. For example, did you know that three to five cups of coffee drunk each day can help prevent cognitive decline associated with dementia? In fact, this resulted in a 65% decreased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease!

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