What to Include in Holiday Gift Baskets

Coffee shops aren't just limited to selling coffee! Especially in the holiday season, coffee shops have the unique opportunity to sell things other than just drinks. You can sell cute mugs, stickers, gift cards, DIY drink mixes, and even gift baskets! That's what we're focusing on now: gift baskets.

What to Include in Holiday Gift Baskets:

1. Something to Drink at Home

Christmas Drinks, What to Include in Holiday Gift Baskets

Let your customers bring the magic of your coffee shop home! This should be something they can make easily. Try something like hot chocolate mix, roasted and ground coffee, or gourmet tea bags.

2. Something to Drink from

This can be a mug, tumbler, or custom disposable cup. This is a great opportunity to add your logo to something! This way, your customers can see your logo when they're not at your shop.

3. Something DIY

Reindeer Bags, What to Include in Holiday Gift Baskets

This can be anything your customer can do themselves. Try something like hot chocolate bombs or something to fold or color. They'll love having an activity!

4. Something from Your Shop

This is another opportunity to show off your logo. This can be stickers, a gift card, a t-shirt, or even more branded cups.

What that Looks like:

Holiday gift baskets can look a few few different ways. You could make it in an actual basket or you could use a box or bag. If you choose to package it in a basket, you'll need plastic wrap or cellophane to keep the contents of your baskets from falling out.

How to Package it:

Packaging your gift basket isn't as difficult as it may seem. Here are a few ways to do it.

For Baskets:

Gift Baskets, What to Include in Holiday Gift Baskets

If you're using plastic wrap, add your items neatly to the basket. Try to keep the small items near the front of your basket so they're easily seen. After you've filled your basket, wrap it in plastic wrap and use a hair dryer or heat gun to tighten the plastic around your basket.

If you're using cellophane, you'll package it the same way but you won't wrap it fully in plastic wrap. Instead, you'll cut a large square of cellophane and gather the corners above the top of the basket handle. Tie this together with a ribbon or twist tie.

For Bags:

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This will look more like a gift. You can package it in a bag like this. Just place all your items neatly in the bag and top it with tissue paper. The downside to using a bag rather than a basket is that your customers won't be able to see exactly the products they're getting.

Holiday gift baskets are a great way to sell more than just coffee at your coffee shop. They're not hard to make and your customers are sure to love them! Do you sell holiday gift baskets? Take a picture and tag us on Instagram, we love hearing from you!

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