Custom Cups

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      Create Customized Cups That Showcase Your Logo or Message

      Infuse personality into your coffee shop experience with striking custom cups. With every sip from your custom cup, customers not only savor the brew but also proudly showcase your shop. Your custom cup becomes a walking advertisement, spreading the unique essence of your brand. Shop now!

      Choose from 25+ types of coffee cups, from single wall to double wall coffee cups and even custom cold cups. Your journey to find the perfect coffee cup for your business ends here. There are several custom cups available.

      Versatile Sizes

      Hot Cup Factory offers cups custom in 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz , and 24 oz sizes. Experiment with different product offerings with these different sizes.

      The More You Buy the More You Save

      Unlock massive savings when you buy your coffee cups custom  in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save!

       Create a Brand Identity!

      Transform a dull cup into a sleek advertisement for your brand with custom cups wholesale. Dive into the world of personalized perfection, where every custom cup becomes a canvas for your unique brand story. Explore the possibilities with these 3 cups custom options:

      Brand Name

      From sleek and sophisticated to bold and brassy, make your mark with a name that demands attention. By including your brand name you turn cups custom into a statement piece that will make customers want to return.

      Cafe/Restaurant Logos

      Transform your cups into brand ambassadors when you showcase your brand logo on your custom cups wholesale. Immerse your customers in the visual identity of your shop, creating a seamless connection between the cup in hand and the experience you offer. The logo becomes a symbol of quality and dedication, making each custom cup a statement piece.

      Your Motto and Message 

      Inject some soul into your cups with a motto or message. Whether it's a quirky tagline or a heartfelt message for your patrons, make those custom cups wholesale spread a message.

      Custom Cups FAQ

      1) What size cup do I need?

      A1) Hot Cup Factory offers cups in 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz , and 24 oz sizes. Experiment with different product offerings with these different sizes.

      Q2) How many custom cups do I need for my restaurant monthly?

      A2) How many custom cups you need differs from business to business. The minimum order of custom cups is 7,000.

      Q3) How do I order custom cups?

      Q3) You can order your custom cups here.