4 Tips For Throwing A Perfect Office Holiday Party

Whether you're hosting a workplace New Year's party or are planning for a holiday party later on in the month, it’s important that you actually put some thought and effort into it. Office parties can not only be a lot of fun, but they can help your team bond, subsequently leading to a boost in productivity and company morale.

Here are some great tips to consider in order to plan and have a perfect holiday or New Year’s party:


  • Pick a great date -- You don't have to squeeze your holiday party within a few days after Christmas. Everyone is always so busy around the end of December and heading into the New Year, and that's okay. Instead of hosting an event during this busy time, consider throwing an office holiday or New Year's party in late January or even in February. This will reduce stress and ensure your employees are able to attend this fun event.
  • Don't make the party mandatory -- Though it would be nice if everyone from your company attended the holiday party, making it a requirement will take away from its luster and fun. No matter what date you pick, some employees will always have plans, and that's okay. Don't make them choose between spending time with their family and celebrating with coworkers.
  • Go with paper cups and products -- Serving coffee at your office party is a great idea since Americans drink 1.64 cups of coffee per day on average. Whether you're office party consists of only 10 or fewer people or more than 100, the cleanup afterward is never fun. If you have glass cups, mugs, and plates, cleanup is going to take a lot longer. If you purchase paper cups, however, cleanup is easy and you and all your guests will be able to enjoy everything from coffee to water. Make sure you get a lot, too, because you can never have too many paper cups.
  • Establish a drink rule -- You're all adults and should act as such during the New Year's or holiday celebration. Establishing a drink maximum is a good way to ensure that no one gets out of hand and embarrasses themselves at the holiday party. We've all done it, but acting too immature around coworkers and superiors isn't the greatest choice.
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