Your Guide to Social Media Marketing in Your Coffee Shop

Social media is a big part of business. Whether you're a newer one person operation or an established coffee shop, you need an active social media presence. This will foster customer loyalty, humanize your business, and remind your customers of your shop. If you want to learn more about social media marketing for your coffee shop and engaging your audience, keep reading!

Keep it Relevant and Engaging

Coffee Shop Social Media, Your Guide to Social Media Marketing for Your Coffee Shop

Social media is known for being a customized and curated experience. You can choose exactly whose posts you see and what you're notified of. If your posts aren't relevant to your customers, they don't have a reason to follow you. Get to know your regular customers. Make your posts so they're relatable and relevant to them. Some people just want to hear about specials, sales, and promotions, whereas others may want to get to know your staff or your process for making drinks.

Your coffee shop's social media should be something your customers gain something from following. Keep your posts engaging, relevant, and relatable to your customers.

Incentivise Follows and Interaction

Social Media Phone, Your Guide to Social Media Marketing in Your Coffee Shop

Even if you're incredibly active on social media, some people still won't know you have social media. There are a few ways to change this. One major way is by offering an incentive for following you. This could be $1 off if they show that they're following you, exclusive menu items only available through social media, or even customer spotlights in your posts.

The best way to make these tactics work for your coffee shop is to make signage. Add a note to your menu about the social media exclusive items. Hang a sign at your counter with your social media promotions. Another great thing to do is make a QR code that leads to your Instagram or Facebook. This way, people can just scan it and go right there! (Here's a good website that will make one for free.)

Give Opportunities for Feedback

Coffee Shop Customers on a Phone, Your Guide to Social Media Marketing in Your Coffee Shop

Social media has made it very simple to get in contact with nearly anyone (or any business). This means your customers have endless opportunities to give you feedback. Capitalize on this! Ask your customers for feedback about your coffee shop. This can include asking for drink ideas, what kind of posts they want, or general thoughts about your coffee shop. When your customers send you positive feedback, post it! Customers love to be involved.

Social media is a vital part of the coffee shop business. It allows you to humanize your business, engage with your customers, and receive feedback.

If you have an Instagram for your coffee shop, tag us in a post. We love hearing from you!

Denise Hansen, Your Guide to Social Media Marketing in Your Coffee Shop